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Thread: Skate Canada Announces 2014-2015 National Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krunchii View Post
    No idea, I know Russia refused to release Daniil Barantsev for like 5 years or something, Lubov hasn't competed internationally since 2011. I think Russia is more notorious for not releasing skaters. Lot of federations don't want to give up good skaters to other countries, I know Tatiana Volosozhar was released pretty easily because her federation knew there weren't any skaters at her level in Ukraine even though she's a great pairs skater. I wonder if Russia will be willing to release Lubov now though, Dylan is one of the strongest male pairs skaters right now and Canada is probably Russia's biggest competition right now. I think her case is different because at the time of the split apparently Lubov was treated very poorly by her coach and her partner at the time and the training environment had an adverse effect on her skating. She tried to skate for France but the federation held onto her for speaking out about it.
    Thanks for your reply! I do hope they release her - she is totally unknown to me, as I've never seen her skate, but I think it is heartbreaking for them to stand in her - and in this case Dylan's - way. Even if they may very well turn out a threat - I hope so for no other reason than that we sorely need as many good pair couples as possible - still, Russia has enough pairs to go around, and the Rus fed shouldn't behave in such a... "dog in the manger" fashion. Sigh. Well, we'll see, I suppose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coltrocks12 View Post
    Scott is easily recognizable but Tessa looks really different in that picture. Tanned and healthy but different.
    No biggie, but could it be that the uneven lighting of the photo made a difference to your eyes?
    They both were easily recognizable to me, but it is true that Tessa and the papers in front of her are in shadow, whereas Scott and his paperwork are directly under the light source.

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