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Thread: Serafima Sakhanovich

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    Do you need to stay a junior to participate in the youth Olympics? I don't think that's the case, right? Liza and Adelina were both seniors when they participated in 2012.

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    Ohh...she dropped the beillman spin and is instead opting for a layback. I think she has some of the fastest and powerful spins with her only flaw being her flexibility. This could be a good move. Get em Sima with your five jumps in the second half

    Kinda odd that she doesn't have an official coach though. Hmm....
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    fun practices:

    just Sima at a morning:
    serafima_sakhanovich A little bit Daenerys
    serafima_sakhanovich Turn off the rain!
    anechka_1320 Sima, what are you doing with your eyes? Why are they such big? 👀👀
    serafima_sakhanovich @anechka_1320 I feed them
    serafima_sakhanovich There is wonderful wheather in Sweden! )
    serafima_sakhanovich I'm not me if I haven't such pic 🎀
    serafima_sakhanovich cue! 💪🙌👊 the walk was successful☝️

    Sima sweet Sima:

    Sharov's from ExGala practices at JW: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 A B C D E F G H I J K
    serafima_sakhanovich These Swedish cleaners create miracles!!! Not everyone can make a space frome stains on a mirror
    serafima_sakhanovich We have a fire alarm here.... But we want to sleep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roman09 View Post
    I'm not me if I haven't such pic 🎀
    Something about this pic seriously disturbs me.

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