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Thread: Asia, Europe, or North America - who will dominate the next 4 years?

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    Asia, Europe, or North America - who will dominate the next 4 years?

    Which World region do you think will dominate ISU figure skating competitions over the next four years? In Mens, Ladies and Pairs?

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    Men - Asia
    Pairs - Russia
    Ladies - Russia

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    Next year in Ladies, Russia. Next 4 years for the first time in a long time... no one. No one country will dominate. I think America will once again be a major player but so will Russia. Asian countries aren't about to vacate the premises and Europe is at worst a question mark. As for Canada, they have a strong program and everyone is young; we will see.

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    Men: Asia
    Women: Russia
    pairs: Russia
    Ice dance: North America

    (My predictions)

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    Ladies - Europe, specifically Russia
    Men - Asia, specifically Japan and possibly China
    Pairs - Europe, especially Russia and wherever Bruno/Aliona end up, along with Canada
    Dance - North America, both US and Canada

    Russia will dominate most team events, followed up by the US, as they have 3/4 disciplines each (Russia mainly missing men, US mainly missing pairs).

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    Men - Asia
    Pairs - Europe/Russia
    Ladies - Russia&NA
    Ice Dance - NA & Russia

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    Men - Asia (Japan)
    Ladies - Europe (Russia)
    Pairs - Europe (Russia)
    Dance - Russia or North America, depending on how quickly the new Russian teams get their act together (vs. how quickly W/P climb to top team status).

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    Men: Asia, mainly Japan because Yuzuru is still so young and Machida still enough (plus Kozuka and a bit below Mura and Uno). Main competitor will be the chinese guys. They're very young and have great technical basis but still lack in something. Fernandez is the only ready competitor for Europe while the young Russian still need to be proved in a big championships. In North America is growing a new generation, they are very nice to watch but still need to see if they can develop a similar technical baggage.

    Ladies: not Europe but only Russia. This is someway opposite to men's situation. The terrible babies are young, proved, consistent and.. are SO MANY! USA's skaters can be the only rivals while Japan need to work hard to gain its position again. Watch out the other Asian girls from China and Korea because Japan can lose its leadership.

    Pairs: Stolbova/Klimov will be V/T main rivals so... Russian again. Chinese pairs and D/R are the only ones who can compete. The rest has been messed up, so it's a question mark. In this situation James/Cipres can gain positions.

    Dance: W/P has the advantage but I don't see a region who can dominate. North America and Russia have the same % right now but in the future I can see a slight superiority of Russia just because they have a deeper field.

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