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Thread: Fantasy Pair Game

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu View Post
    Andrew Poje and I

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    A couple of these pairs should have the woman lifting the man - Kostner and Lambiel??? Wagner and Rippon?

    This is too funny! Except if I'm not mistaken, Carolina is tossing Amodio Florent in the air in that picture!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alebi View Post
    Plushy has so much personality that I worry even someone like Mao can't face it. For me, it would be a waste because she can disappear under his queen's aura While a Mao + Daisuke would maximise both
    The problem with Mao + Dai would be the height difference, or lack thereof. They might be able to work in ice dance, but pairs would be a huge challenge. Frankly, Mao + Plushy would still be a challenge, but easier than Mao + Dai. I'm sure Plushy will "accommodate" his partner and let her shine, if he chooses to compete in pairs. I'm more worried about how the judges will call the side-by-side 3As--surely they won't kill Mao with URs if she's competing in pairs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    I can't survive this video... I don't know who's the prettiest *faints*
    +11111111 for your choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alia jackson View Post
    LOVED IT!!!!!! What a beautiful couple they make, both on the ice and on the eyes!

    By the way, did anybody see the photos from Shizuka Ararkawa's wedding a couple of weeks ago? Here are some links that were posted on the other forum (If you are on here, thanks rosewood):

    Quote Originally Posted by rosewood
    Shizuka Arakawa held a wedding in Hawaii on June 21st. Her husband is a surgeon. She'll give a birth to her baby around the next January.


    nice photos from her tweets:
    She really dotes on that dog, doesn't she!

    Looking absolutely stunning as always, Shizuka-san!

    All the best for your future happiness.


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