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Thread: Cain prepares for Grand Prix debut, again

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    News Cain prepares for Grand Prix debut, again

    USA’s Ashley Cain will make her first appearance at the Grand Prix in the Ladies’ discipline this fall at the Cup of China and Rostelecom Cup. More

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    Could be a breakout season for her.

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    Not sure why, but I think that the USFSA really puts a lot of "effort" into Cain, like they really believe she has a lot of potential. I personally think she is a great skater, but I cant see her on the Olympic or World podium in the next few years.

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    The USA has always been a powerhouse in ladies skating; there is a lot of emphasis in the US in this event as it is the premiere event after hockey in the winter olympics (Men's hockey). Going two quads without a medal at the olympics is pretty horrific for a nation that traditionally had a major challenger or favourite in the past and recent yers. Think 1980 Linda Frantiane; 1984 Rosalyn Sumners; 1988 Debi Thomas; 1992 Kristi yamaguchi, 1994 Nancy Kerrigan, 1998 Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan; 2002 Sarah Hughes and Michelle Kwan; 2006 Sasha Cohen and then in the last two olympics we didn't even know really who was our top threat ie Flatt versus Nagasu then Gold versus Wagoner. Whiile there is Edmunds, Gold and Wagoner solidly medal threats it is good to have the back up calvary and there is quite an arsenal with Cain, Nagasu, In many ways the USA is stronger than Russia or certainly Japan. Russia is very vulnerable in that their girls have not dealt with puberty yet or are struggling to survive the puberty monster. Cain is just another possible star on the rise.

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