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Thread: The Biellmann Spin

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic View Post
    Agreed. She was never able to transition up into it as seamlessly as a lot of the others did/do.

    However, before she stopped doing it she'd improved the position. To me her Biellmann at worlds in 2011 looked better than her Biellmann in Vancouver. It seemed slightly more extended at worlds...
    Yes, her 2011 Biellmann was her best ever, but I don't really like her pre-2010 Biellmann, as much as I didn't like Sasha's Biellmann: all her positions were perfect, so maybe this is why her Biellmann never looked good to me. I guess it is because under the 6.0 system they didn't have to include it in their programs until the IJS forced them to, so she and other skaters didn't have the chance to practice it as much as young girls do now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepe Nero View Post
    I've long had an appreciation for Shawn Sawyer, who was the first male figure skater I saw do that spin.
    Not as flexible as Sawyer, especially later in his career, but AFAIK this kid started the male Biellmann trend

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