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Thread: 2014-2015 South Korean competitions

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    Quote Originally Posted by on_the_horizon View Post
    In the most recent competition that took place yesterday in South Korea, at least eight novice girls (who are eligible to advance to the junior status next season) attempted 3-3 combinations. Some got credits and some didn't. Anyway, the point is that these athelets are trying to bring up the level of skating in Korea. This is necessary and hopeful for the future of Korean skating. I wish these girls improve more and more! Various kinds of jump combinations were attempted: 3Lz-3T, 3F-3T, 3S-3T, 3T-3T and 3Lo-3Lo. Here is the link to gifs of some of the girls' 3-3 jumps.

    omg! really proud of them especially for Eunsoo (third girl) for finally getting it. She still has a bit of a mule-kick on her jumps but her form is everything

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    Yuna should be very proud

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    thanks, WOW

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