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Thread: Remember this Alissa Czisny routine

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    Remember this Alissa Czisny routine

    The Skate

    The Music

    This Program was exquisite and I don't think there has been anything near it since then.

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    What year was it? That was the best I've ever seen her skate. No falls and she seemed excited to get out on the ice and start the routine.

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    2007 U.S. Nationals. Alissa won the long program, finishing third overall. (Kimmie Meaissner won the short program and barely held off Emily Hughes by one point for the championship.)

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    Wow, thank you so much for sharing. I remember it distinctly. I'd been couch bound with an awful cold type thing and was so happy skating was on, and really hoped someone would deliver some magic. And that she did. She really just connected with the whole mood and Audrey Hepburn persona and made it a relaxing program to watch. And that dress is on another level of classy beauty
    Brava, Alissa!

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    I remember that skate well! It was so magical and such a breath of fresh air. Especially during a nationals that felt kind of empty without Kwan, Cohen, Kirk or any of the other skaters we had gotten so accustom to.

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    Does anyone have a commentary-less version of her program?

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    That year's nationals, despite being a post-Olympics, had some beautiful and surprising skates that I still distinctly remember as some of my favorite ever. In addition to this skate, there was...

    Belbin/Agosto (There are better videos from worlds, etc, but I thought the nationals was fitting)

    among many others.

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