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    Nicole Watt

    I just went to the SkateCanada site and realized Nicole has not been named to the National team, nor does she have any international assignments listed. I also tried to go to her website to see if there is news of her, but the site is no longer there. Any info any of you could provide would be appreciated.


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    Re: Nicole Watt

    Hi, I will write to Skate Canada and they are always very fast in returning a response, so has soon as I get the answer you are looking for I will come to post it.

    I know that she has juvenile arthritis and that she was in remition but just 1 month before the Nationals and on Christmass eve, she had to have fluid taken out of her knee. So she was told, the arthritis was back. They informed us the fans, in the coverage of the Canadians Nationals because she had a very poor skate.

    so maybe, just maybe she is unable to skate because of this arthritis, she always had that but never quit, but now that she is getting taller and heavier itcould be a difference in her skating and it could be harder on her knees. She grew a lot in two years.

    So for now, this is what I think, I will go now send an email so skate canada and will come back with the answer provided to me.

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    Re: Nicole Watt

    I thought the same thing. What is she doing these days?

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    Re: Nicole Watt

    Nicole had to withdraw from the Canadians last season due to her arthritic condition. I imagine she is having difficulties competing under the circumstances. It's such a shame - she is good little skater and was a "bright" star for our Canadian team. I wish her the best.


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    I remember the devastating results from Nationals all too well.... 9th after short program, poor girl. I wondered if that would affect her position on the National team, but I had hoped she was still fit to be skating and would compete this year. Even Elvis has international assignments listed, yet nothing for her. I hope this doesn't mean she isn't competing this year at all :(

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Nicole

    I would also love to see Nicole skate once again. She looks like a very good skater and I last remember her from 2001 Skate Canada.

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    Re: Nicole

    She seemed like such a promising skater, I hope things will work out for her!

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