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Thread: Talk me into it...

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    Talk me into it...

    call me a procrastinator... but my best friend is trying to talk me into going to the US Nationals in 05... she'll be living there... and Dawn and Heather are going... so why don't I want to go? Mom, on the other hand, is trying to talk me out of it... but it would be a great photographic experience, plus I'd get to see my best friend and live with her for a while... and I'd get to meet some of my online gang...

    so I need someone to talk me into it... I don't know if I'd have the time or $$... but I need to make a decision ASAP!

    so, go ahead. I have a feeling I know a couple of people who will end up fighting for this wonderful cause... but who all will be heading to portland... that's something that would be cool to know if I do go...

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    Dear Toni,
    As far as talking you "into it",all I have to really say is that I've been told that most folks at the end of their lives don't look back and say "gee, I wish I'd spent MORE time at the office, getting tasks done." Whether it's Portland next year(and it sounds like you've got some pretty groovy connections) or some other year, somewhere else the US Nats has got to be one of the most exciting events in for any FS fan.

    This past year, I was lucky enough to have it in my home town. I was able to see all four dicipline finals. Though I didn't tough it out with the fans whose veins actually course with Zamboni lubricant and sit through every run through and practice, I did get to witness some of the finest figure skating talent in the WORLD and the entire ecperience was magical and so fufilling for a long time FS fan.

    There will never be "enough" time or money to do all the things we want, but memories are precious and every one that can be made is a valuable investment in our soul.
    So there, done talking, hope you can make it.

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    I think it should be don't let anyone talk you out of it

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    Go! You are young with no one dependent on you but yourself. This is the time when you can put yourself first. Enjoy it! I am not saying, you should quit school and join a commune or whatever. You always have to use your common sense and take care of yourself. IMO, You seem more than capable of handling a trip to Portland responsibly, so go! [As a Mom of 18 and 16 year old daughters, I have to add, make sure you call your Mom a lot. We worry. It's just the nature of the beast.]

    To back up what sk8m8 said, My dh and I were always talking about the things we'd do when ''we got a chance''. We should have said to hell with it and taken those vacations.

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    Toni, I don't know if you've ever been to a Nationals before or not, but I would say GO. It's close enough, for one thing, and you're bound to have a fantastic time. Plus Portland is a very nice city (I lived there for 6 years) so it's a good place to visit anyway, tho you'll probably get rained on a lot.:D

    Back in 2000, the second I found out the 2001 Worlds were going to be in Vancouver (I was still living in Portland then so it was close), I considered myself THERE. And when I went it was THE MOST glorious week of my life and I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

    so -- GO

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    I would say go. I remember my Grandparents saying they waited too long and hadn't gone to things and my Aunt and Uncle always saying something was always more important. I am so thankful my late hubby took me to a lot of skating shows and especially the 92 Worlds in Oakland, Ca. I still remember how exciting it was. And now, one of my daughters takes me to Stars on Ice when she can. Even though we shouldn't spend the money, it's worth it. Also, my parents didn't get to do much as he died at age 51.

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    2005 -- Portland, Ore.

    I live in Washington State and desperately want to go. I also desperately want to go to 2007 Nats, which will be in Spokane, Wash.

    I am psyched to see Michelle and Sasha in a real competition. I've seen Michelle on tour, but competition is something else.

    Maybe Portland's own Hubcap Tonya will make a guest appearance!

    Memories are priceless.
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    Toni!!!! Go!!!!!!!
    Are ya afraid it might make you a Kwan fan? j/k.

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    Want my words of advice: GO!

    When the Worlds were held here in Vancouver in 2002, in my own back yard, I talked myself out of going - well I did get to the Figure Skating Hall of Fame and saw some of the skaters on a huge screen at BC Place (where Expo was held). So I "sort of" went, but I wish to this day I had found the money and time to actually attend one of the disciplines. It was kind of silly. I live in Surrey, and figured it was too far to go into Vancouver on a work night. Plus, I was thinking of the money. Oh well, when on earth will the Worlds be held here in Vancouver again? - "Doh!" as Homer would say.

    So save your coffee and lunch money. I am sure if you really want to be there it can happen.

    That's my "two bits" worth.

    Happy decision making

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    I would say go!!!!! I'm already saving up to get to torino in 2006. I'm on the mailing list for ticket info and I'm living with my parents so I can save up money to go. Its gonna be mad expensive, but I need to go.... I will sell a kidney if I need to.

    Portland is a city I would love to visit, I'm so jealous that you have this opportunity... so carpe skatem
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    I totally regret not taking time off from work to go to US Nationals in Philadelphia in 2000. I told myself that I didn't want to spend that much on all-event and only got to a couple of events just to get a good seat and didn't want to go unless I could have a good seat.

    And, of course, no one called me to let me know that tickets to practice were only $5.

    At least, I've seen SOI and COI a few times.

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    Go & have fun!!! If I could go, I would! It's something you'll never regret!

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    Hey, go for it Toni........this could be a chance of a lifetime!!! 42

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    I totally regret not taking time off from work to go to US Nationals in Philadelphia in 2000.
    2000 nats were in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I remember a skating friend telling me after 98 Nats that she had been invited to go to Philly with a group of people, but just didn't feel like it (complete with shoulder shrug). If she had told me before Nats, I might have agreed, but she told me after MK's "once in a lifetime" performances and my jaw dropped like "you fool!" .

    If you've never been, I say GO. If you've been to like 20 Nats, I could see giving it a miss. I'm a big fan of the pro/con list. Did you try one?

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