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Thread: What happened on the AI special yesterday?

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    Question What happened on the AI special yesterday?

    I missed it cuz apparently, I was ordered to clean the gosh damned bathroom. *IS STILL PISSED OFF AT THAT* I didn't even think tape it cuz, again, I'm a tard like that. So what happened? I know they gave interviews and the girls sang. Give me HONEST opinions on how all three did, and what they sang, including my girl Jazzy, please. :'(

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    Ryan did a sit down with the judges (each separate) he goaded Simon... and then he brought out the girls one by one... mini interviews and then singing

    Jazzy would be great if she'd knock off the stupid power notes... her voice just can't kick it... she sounds awful when she does... grating and under pitch... just another proving factor the wrong girl went home last week (Jazz agreed with me as she brought thank you gifts to the judges and the producers the night of the results... Ryan talked about it with Latoya last week... )

    Fantasia was actually fun to watch this week (she had one comment that I swore she was talking about her boobs... but my best friend assures me I heard it wrong... but I found it funny) she boboed and was nothing different than normal... she should win just because I don't like the other two's voices

    Diana -- did I even watch it? I don't think so... her interview annoyed me so I basically went and got seconds of dinner (sour cream noodles are yummy)... oh wait... I did she sang her Gloria Estafann song... which I thought she did better in the yucky skirt LOL but it was nice... if Jazz makes top 2 I will be surprised and disappointed... of the ones left Diana and Fantasia are the only consistant singers

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    Jasmine sang "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again", Fantasia sang "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" (very well, I might add!), and Diana sang "Turn the Beat Around".

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