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Thread: Update On Alexei

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    Update On Alexei

    :lol: :lol: Alexei seems to have come through the surgery just fine. He does have a problem with listening though.:lol: :lol: You will see what I mean from this translation by Tanya from the Alexei Yagudin Discussion Group.

    Here is one translation. Tanya does such a great job!!

    <a href=" age?topicID=5724.topic" target="top">Aftermath of Alexei's Surgery</a>

    And the next.............

    <a href=" ageRange?topicID=5735.topic&start=41&stop=60" target="top">Tanya's Translation</a>


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    Re: Update On Alexei

    Thanks Dee ... glad to hear he's doing well.
    I loved the line about him "creating a family" ... but he doesn't have a bride yet. LOL

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    Yes, but he has found true love...good for him.

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    Re: Alexei

    Thanks Dee - I knew you would be able to get the latest to GS.

    So, it was arthroscopic surgery not a complete replacement. This may or may not be good news but I'm hanging on to the good news. I know with knees that arthroscopic does not always do the trick. It's about 50-50.

    So, more prayers and best wishes. And Dee, our best to Alexei from Golden Skate.


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    Re: Alexei

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>So, more prayers and best wishes. And Dee, our best to Alexei from Golden Skate.[/quote]
    Thanks Joe, I think that the pain got to the point where something needed to done just to walk. I am so happy and relieved that he did go through with the surgery. I wasn't sure he would go through with it. He is still young enough to think that he is invincible. I think this whole process made him grow up, except for not listening to what the doctor tell him to do.:lol: :lol:


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    Re: Alexei

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>he joked with the doctors and cheered up a lady patient who had to undergo a surgery at the same time with him.[/quote]

    Wow... to have surgery with Alexei... :rollin:

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Back on the tour, he even tried 4-3-3. And succeeded[/quote]

    Can't wait to see this season!

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    Re: Alexei

    Thanks Dee, and a big thanks to Tanya as well, for the translation.

    lottafs, yeah, that was a funny quote. It goes on:

    "...the girl was almost at the point of the hysterics, but he made her calm down."

    I bet he did, LOL.

    Other interesting quotes, from Mrs. Tarasova:

    "You can't even imagine how badly he wanted to skate! Especially after watching the World Championships."

    I wonder if she means, especially after seeing Plushenko's LP.

    About her decision to take on Chait and Sakhnovsky as clients, which resulted in Ukrainians Grushina and Goncharov leaving her tutelage:

    "I met Galya's father at my very close friend's house. It's very important to me. I couldn't refuse when the guys asked me for help last winter."

    Mr. Chait seems to be a very persuasive man.

    About the possibility of working with Johnny Weir:

    "... Weir is an interesting skater. But he's psychologically not ready to perform at a serious level."

    I wonder if she is referring to his inability to tough it out after his disasterous falls at the U.S. Nationals.


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    Re: Alexei

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>"...the girl was almost at the point of the hysterics, but he made her calm down."

    I bet he did, LOL.[/quote]:rollin: When they said the doctors joked about hiring Alexei as a psychologist, I wonder if they really understand his methods:smokin:

    I wish Alexei the best but I do hope he talks to Oksana Baiul about the problems of going back on the ice too soon after arthroscopic surgery. One of the problems of that kind of surgery is the <strong>lack</strong> of pain. Athletes of have it feel so good, it's easy for them to try too much too soon.

    Of course we all know Alexei is very patient and won't be overanxious at all to get back to skating:lol:

    I wish him the best and was especially glad to hear that the damage was not as bad as the doctors had anticipated. I've heard different things (one always does with surgeries on star athletes) but I do hope Yags is able to compete again since he does want to so badly. But as somebody said, this whole thing forced Alexei to grow up a little, so maybe he has a better perspective now than he did last year. After all, that's a really big drop to go from Olympic and World champion to skating in pain through most of the SOI tour.

    So now what I want to know is, who's the one who's "pretty close" to being the bride "back in the US," hmm?:D

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    Re: Alexei

    I heard a rumor the it was Kyoko Ina 0] :x
    Nothing personal, but she does NOT seem like his type...

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    Re: Update On Alexei

    Alexei, having a problem LISTENING? NAH! Glad that he seems to be doing that now, and I hope he takes his time getting back on the ice. Because *I* for one am looking forward to see him compete as eligible through 2006! As for the gal here in the US, LUCKY LADY! I hope he stays as happy as he sounds now....Kasey

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    Re: Update on Alexei

    I'm glad to hear that Alexei is doing good! :D I can't wait for him to come back to competition. The Yagudin/Plushenko comps were always the best.

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    lil icesk8er915

    Re: Update On Alexei

    I hope he feels better!

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    Getting better

    I hope he gets better soon.

    Alexei and Michelle are my most favorate ones.

    They can skating with passion and show it on the ice no other eligibles can.

    Kurt is another one of my most faverote before Yag and Michelle

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    Re: Getting better

    Grrrrrrrr! Dee, why on earth did you have to pick that emoticon? It got me so freaked out that he had like died during surgery or something... LOL. Anyway, that's great news! I'm glad he's feeling better. I still want one more year of eligible skating from him.

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    Re: Getting better

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I still want one more year of eligible skating from him.[/quote]
    Akaira, I do too. I would take just one more year and then after that----just one more--one more.:lol: :lol: :lol:

    I picked that emotican because it looked to me more like a "poor baby." I didn't mean to scare anyone.


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