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Thread: Which Skaters (or Team) are you most eager to see in the coming season?

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    Originally posted by Dee4707
    The male skater from Mexico. I don't know if that's the right one I'm thinking of but he exhibits lots of showmanship?

    Are you talking about that had a fantastic program to Chaplin? If so, he's Spanish and his name is Yon Garcia. I would like to see him as well because I've heard he's quite the entertainer although he can't make it to the LP in the big competitions.

    Not top skaters... I want to see in Men:

    Silvio Smalun (come back!)
    Stanick Jeanette
    Tomas Verner
    Andrei Griazev
    Sergei Davydov
    Jeff Buttle

    And then there's Weir, Klimkin, Sandhu, Lambiel, Lindemann, Joubert, Plushenko, Weiss... basically all LOL

    Dan Fang
    Joannie Rochette
    Susanna Poykio
    Carolina Kostner
    Miki Ando

    And the top ladies of course. Eagerly waiting for Irina Slutskaya.

    Lefrançois/ Blanchard


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    daydreaming about Edvin Marton
    Well, lots of people have named the skaters I want to see, but I'll just repeat them.

    *Kevin Van Der Perren, naturally

    *Vakthang Murvandizde....can US TV Puhleeze show this guy? I've been fortunate enough to see him live at Bofrost 2002, Worlds 2003 and SA 2003, but I would love one of his programs on tape. Even splattering all over the ice, he oozes charisma.

    *Sergei Davydov - please shows us that Worlds 2003 was not a fluke

    *Victoria Pavuk - this girl is amazing! I hope she makes the GP and makes the ESPN broadcast.

    *Yebin Mok - love her, too! Get healthy and get on TV!

    *Alexander Abt - HINT TO PRO SHOWS. HIRE THIS GUY.


    I know we're not supposed to mention him, but I really hope Plush is better in time for the GP so I can see him earlier than Euros...

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    Obertas & Slavnov




    Miki Ando
    Yoshie Onda
    Yukari Nakano
    Kimi Meisner
    European ladies (can't spell names- Poykyo?, Drei, etc.)

    Ice dance:


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    well my 1st one won't be much of a surprise...

    ORSCHER AND LUCASH I can never really get enough.
    Marcoux and Buntin
    Don and Hunt
    Ina and Zimmerman

    evan lysacek
    johnny weir
    fedor andreev
    timothy goebel
    emanuel sandhu

    sasha cohen
    oksana baiul
    jenny kirk
    kimmie and katy!

    loren g-r and david mitchell
    tanith and ben
    tat and roman

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    hopefully next year I'll be able to go both to Torino and to Moscow!!it would be the first time that I see figure skating live, I can't wait!i wanna see everybody!espacially, for ice dance i wanna see Denkova-Staviski and Faiella-Scali(my favorites), the Kerrs(BTW, does anyone know if there's a site where I can watch their FD), Belbin-Agosto and Domnina-Shabalin.
    pairs: Obertas-Slavnov
    men: Griazev, Zelenka
    ladies: Slutskaya, Kostner, Sebestyen

    and, let me say it anyway, Zhenia and Sasha!

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    Rusalka, how far away do you live from Torino?


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    Mok - I thought she had so much potential after '03 Nats, and I wanted to see how she'd do in '04. I hope she's injury free this year.

    Ota - Saw her for the first time at 4CC. LOVED her skating. Would like to see more of her.

    Meissner/Taylor/Asada sisters - I'd like to see a glimpse of the future of the US and Japanese ladies

    Weir - how will he respond after a successful 04?

    Buttle - love his style. Can he be consistent?

    Lambiel - I get to see him once a year - max. That boy needs to be shown on US TV!!

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    Silvio Smalun - Yes, please come back and make Worlds!!!)
    Stephane Lambiel - like I need a reason :D
    Ryan Jahnke - can't wait to see his new programs, and I hope he makes the world team this year!
    Matt Savoie - I always look forward to seeing him skate just like always and I hope Tom Dickson will give him another a kick [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] LP!!
    Gheorge Chiper - I love his originality and wonderful presentataion, and his programs are always something to look forward to!
    Ilia Klimkin - also for his programs
    Emanuel Sandhu - to see if he can finally come up with a long program that will do him justice
    Bertsson and Verner - forgot their first names, but I was pretty impressed by their skating at Worlds and Euros!

    Yukina Ota - 'nuff said
    Joannie Rochette - I'm dying to see what David Wilson has in store for her!
    Galina Maniachenko - I missed her so much at Worlds
    Ye Bin Mok - I really, really hope that she'll have a big come back
    Kimmie Meissner - I'm already seeing flashes of brilliance
    Bebe Liang - she always has cool programs and I love her energy
    Carolina Kostner - to see if her gifted choreographer can finally come up with something that actually shows some sign of his extraordinary talent

    Galler-Rabinowitz & Mitchell - can't wait to see their new programs under Dubova; I think Dubova's more traditional style will work very well with them, and hopefully she'll help them with their speed and power ... I love this team
    Kerrs - they are skating to N'Sync afterall...
    Domnina & Shabalin - I really look forward to seeing them build on the huge leap they had this past season and I love this team
    Mikhairova & Sergeev - they have such rhythm and charisma, and she's a totally fab dancer!
    Virtue & Moir - I hope Shpilband doesn't ruin their classical style...
    Denkova & Staviyski - their programs are always a thrill

    And I'm going to go out on a limb to say that I'm also looking forward to see Tiffany Stiegler and her partner (as I've always been), if she has finalized her decision to go into dance, tho she is not likely to make the tv coverage this year.

    I've never been a big pairs fan, and especially now that no couple on the scene particularly interests me, I really can't say whom I look forward to. I do like Obertas & Slavnov and it'd be nice to see them move up in the rankings. I also look forward to Berankova & Dlabola's always original programs.

    I'm already tired of the off season!!!
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    I am looking forward to seeing the new Canadian team this coming season. I heard they added six new skaters to the roster. This will really help boost the team.

    Here is an article on it:

    Six added to Canada's national team

    Canadian Press


    GLOUCESTER, Ont. (CP) - Lesley Hawker, Christopher Mabee, the pairs team of Pascale Bergeron and Rob Davison, and the ice dance team of Judith Longpre and Shae Zukiwsky are the beneficiaries of a Skate Canada decision to expand the national senior team for the 2004-2005 figure skating season.

    The team usually is comprised of athletes who place in the top five at nationals. For next season, the sixth-place finisher in each discipline will be added to the pool of skaters from which assignments are made for the top international meets.

    ``We are less than two years from the Olympic Games so Skate Canada would like to have a full roster of national team skaters this season,'' explained national teams director Gayle McClelland. ``Our 2004-2005 season has a direct impact on our Olympic berths.''

    The national senior team:

    Cynthia Phaneuf, 16, Sorel-Tracy, Que.; Joannie Rochette, 18, Ile Dupas, Que.; Annie Bellemare, 24, St-Eustache, Que.; Mira Leung, 15, Vancouver; and Hawker, 22, Barrie, Ont.

    Emanuel Sandhu, 23, Richmond Hill, Ont.; Ben Ferreira, 25, Edmonton; Jeff Buttle, 21, Sudbury, Ont.; Fedor Andreev, 22, Ottawa; Nicholas Young, 21, Pembroke, Ont.; and Mabee, 18, Tillsonburg, Ont.

    Valerie Marcoux, 24, Gatineau, Que., and Craig Buntin, 23, Kelowna, B.C.; Anabelle Langlois, 22, Grand Mere Que., and Patrice Archetto, 31, Montreal; Elizabeth Putnam, 19, Richmond Hill and Sean Wirtz, 24, Marathon, Ont.; Utako Wakamatsu, 22, St-Leonard, Que., and Jean Sebastien Fecteau, 28, Thetford Mines, Que.; Jessica Miller, 23, Vancouver and Ian Moram, 24, Montreal; Bergeron, 22, Magog, Que., and Davison, 26, Calgary.

    Marie-France Dubreuil, 29, Montreal, and Patrice Lauzon, 28, Boisbriand, Que.; Megan Wing, 28, and Aaron Lowe, 29, Vancouver; Chantal Lefebvre, 26, and Arseniy Markov, 22, Lasalle, Que.; Josee Piche, 29, Le Gardeur, Que., and Pacal Denis, 28, Repentigny, Que.; Longpre, 22, Montreal and Zukiwsky, 29, Pincher Creek, Alta.

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    Originally posted by Dee4707
    Rusalka, how far away do you live from Torino?

    From Genova to Torino I think it takes more or less 3 hours by train. I don't remember exactly because the last time I went there I was about 10. anyway, I'll check and tomorrow I'll tell you
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    Eurosport will show (almost) all skaters competing in Europeans and Worlds, especially I´m looking forward to see how these will fare (in no particular order):

    - Lambiel
    - Lysacek
    - Weir
    - Buttle
    - Zelenka
    - Verner

    - Pavuk
    - Poykio
    - Ota
    - Fang

    - Faella & Scali
    - Huot & Valkama
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    From Genova to Torino I think it takes more or less 3 hours by train.
    That must be one slow local train!

    Torino is only 100 miles from Genova, but it takes about 2 hours by car because of the mountains.

    I think that I went by bus between the 2, but that was also over a dacade ago, so my memeory may be faulty.

    Edited to add: Ok I looked it up. The train takes anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours depending on which one you take. 1.5 hours to go 100 miles is pretty slow, but then again, it's that damn mountains (beautiful scenery though! ).
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    Victoria Pavuk
    Carolina Kostner
    Sasha Cohen







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    Well I'm very intrigued about Canadian men also.
    I only get to see skaters through rinkside or trades so.....

    Jeff Buttle - hopefully with some consistent jumps and his usual stunning programs stunning everyone again in GP but sustaining it through Nationals and getting to Worlds again!!

    Shawn Sawyer - hope the coaching change = jumps come back. He skated a fab LP at Jnr Worlds. Hope he works hard through the summer and kicks [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] at Nationals, at least getting the odd assignment for Olympic Year. He's too talented to mire away on the domestic scene :(

    Lambiel - no schoo land extra training time - what will the results be like?

    Weir - according to his site he's skating to Saint Seans for sp and "powerful piano music" for the LP. Can't wait!!!!

    If they can hold it together jumpwise, these four guys will battle it out for the 4 years through to 2010. How exciting?????:D


    Ye Bin Mok - Just awesome skating in 2003. If she can put it together she could just get that 3rd spot!

    Yukina Ota - if she sorts her jumps out Japanese Nationals will be VERY interesting

    Miki Ando - hope to see better programs and a more consistent quad and - dare I ask- a triple axel?

    Mao Asada - to see how she fares on the JGP circuit. Seriously the girl has superstar written all over her. Since when did a Novice skater get so famous???

    Skating looks to be in pretty good shape - not just for next season but in years to come!!

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    The ladies I'm most interested in seeing in the upcoming season:
    AP McDonough, Jenny Kirk, Kimmie Meisner, Katy Taylor.
    Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, Parker Pennington, Ryan Bradley, Jordan Brauninger, Ben Ferreira, Fedor Andreev.
    Pairs:Shen & Zhao, Pang & Tong.
    Dance:Belbin & Agosto, Gregory & Petukhov.

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