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Thread: Jenny Kirk has moved to LA

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    I wish her the best in LA... according to idleracer there are tons of great rinks out there... and if I were a betting woman I would say that there is a partnership between her and Frank in the works.

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    I've read that her Aunt died during Worlds. Can anyone confirm that? It certainly would explain alot. The poor kid lost her Mom a couple of years ago. That's a heavy blow for anyone, especially such a young girl.

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    Interesting. This does make a Carroll-Kirk partnership much more likely.
    Does anyone know what she is doing college wise right now?

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    Jenny's aunt

    The comment about Jenny's aunt came from Peggy Fleming from the Marshall's skating competition that took place back in April and aired in early May. Apparently, Jenny found out that her aunt had just died when she arrived at Worlds.

    By the way, the Detroit Free Press article says that the Jenny-Frank thing is still up in the air. Neither parties have confirmed the coaching pairing. I will be very happy if Jenny moves to LA though, that means I will actually get to see her!

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    Ah-Ha......I knew it.......I see a Kirk-Carroll match-up in the future......all roads seem to lead to Frank....good luck to you, Jenny-girl.........42

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    hmm is right!

    I felt for a while she should leave him. I wonder about who'd be good for her. Frank trained Michelle but Callaghan did a lot for Tara. I wonder why she ever left the Scotvolds in the first place?

    I love her and wish her the best.

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    I wonder if this means that her picture is going to be blown up and hanging on the wall at the rink like Kwan's and Goebel's. I think F. Carroll takes alot of pride in his success stories. Then again, for all we know, she might be residing out here to train with Scott Williams. Now that would be an interesting pairing!

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    Best of luck to Jenny as always. I hope she has a great next season and skates well. I think moving to LA is good on her part.

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