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Thread: Cap and Gown question

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    Cap and Gown question

    My eldest graduates high school next week. [My Baby!!! ] She just got her cap and gown. I know the tassle is supposed to hang on one side before you graduate and then you switch. Which side is which? It's been so long I'm drawing a blank.


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    When I graduated college, we were told to have the tassel on the left, and would be told to move it to the right at the end of the ceremony. Needless to say, they told us to do the complete opposite and we left having a wonderful time swinging the tassels back and forth.

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    I wouldn't stress over it, they tell which side to put it on at the beginning. Hopefully, there will be people lining everyone up and telling people what to do that's what happened to me.


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    I worked last year as an assistant to the Graduation Officer at the College I work for. What a job!!! I had no idea what was involved in a graduation ceremony.

    As someone said, they will tell you at the grad. Believe me the moment will go by so quickly you won't even remember worrying about it.

    As part of my job, I had to field all the calls from the graduating students. I even had someone call me and ask what colors to decorate their grad party to match their gown! And what shoes should they wear?

    Good luck!

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    just worry about it that night... it doesn't seem to matter, as long as everyone turns it the same way at the same time!

    Congrats to your eldest graduating!

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