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Thread: What's your favorite interpretation?

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    What's your favorite interpretation?

    I was thinking the other day as I was perusing through my video clips about all the various versions of different "works" of music and which was my favorite. Of course, most people would say that Torville and Dean practically defined Bolero, however there have been lots of other "warhorses" that lots of people have used, well , er LOTS! :D

    For me, a few that I can quantify in this manner

    Charlene Wong's Claire de Lune

    Yuka Sato's Afternoon of a Faun (yes, even better than J Lynn's)

    Rudi Galindo's Swan Lake

    Belbin and Agosto's West Side Story

    What/Who are your favs?

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    For me the perfect Swan Lake will always without a doubt be Oksana's.

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    Never again will I be able to listen to Man in the Iron Mask without thinking about Alexei Yagudins preformance. More specificaly, his Olympic one.
    ITA about Galindo's Swan Lake. Sasha's has been good, Baiul's great, but this one just really set the standard (for me anyways )

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    B&K's Riverdance
    Alexei's Gladiator
    Kurt Brownin's Casablanca

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    Bond's music - Yagudin
    Gladiator - Yagudin
    Swan Lake - Oksana Baiul
    Bolero - T/D
    Carmen - Katarina Witt
    Moonlight Sonata - G/G
    Meditation - B/S
    Romeo & Juliet (Prokofiev) - A/P
    Romeo & Juliet (Nino Rota) - Sasha Cohen
    Nyah - Kurt Browning
    Otonal - Maria Butyrskaya
    Fields of Gold - Michelle Kwan
    Sleeping Beauty - Angela Nikodinov
    Nessun Dorma - Shizuka Arakawa

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    Minkus medley - Yuka Sato 1994 lp
    Romeo Juliet (Rota An n Patrice 2002 sp
    Gliere Red Poppy and Massenet suite - Mk 1997 sp
    Malaguena - Kristi 1992 lp
    Rach piano concerto #3, a tie between MK 1998 sp, and Abt 2001 lp

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    Don Quixote - John Curry
    Carmen - Katarina Witt
    Rach #3 - Michelle Kwan
    L'Apres midi d'un faune - Janet Lynn
    Pagliacci - Toller Cranston
    Swan Lake - Rudy Galindo
    Sheherezade - John Curry - '76 Oly gala performance
    Fields of Gold - Michelle Kwan
    Bolero - T&D
    Moonlight Sonata - Protopopov's
    Samson and Delilah - Peggy Fleming - the slow part of her LP that Jeff Buttle used last season.

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    Malaguena, a piece of music that I love, has been DONE TO DEATH over the last 15 years, but the best interpretation I've seen is still the first one -- done by Wachsmann & Waggoner at the 88 Olys. Sasha's is second, in part because she gets points knocked off for that screaming yellow dress. :D

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    - Don Quijote: John Curry (although I have always had the opinion that this was not his best freeskate choreography at all)
    - Bolero: T & D
    - Swan Lake: Oksana Baiul
    - Pagliacci: Ilia Kulik
    - Romeo & Juliet (Tsaikovski): Ilia Kulik
    - Man In The Iron Mask: A & P
    - Moonlight Sonata: G & G
    - Malaguena: Sasha Cohen
    - Masquerade Waltz: K & O
    - Circus Princess: Alexei Urmanov
    - Turandot: S & Z and Shizuka Arakawa a tie

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    Man in the Iron Mask-A&P
    Carmen-Katarina Witt
    Moonlight Sonata-G&G
    Love Story-S&P
    Casablanca-Kurt Browning
    Three Musketeers-Candeloro (all fake sword fighting choreagraphy pales compared to his)
    Swan Lake-Baiul
    West Side Story-Duchesney
    Bach (Forget the name of the piece!) Klimova&Ponomarenko '92
    Joplin music-Wilson&McCall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antilles
    Bach (Forget the name of the piece!) Klimova&Ponomarenko '92
    It was called "Air" I think.

    For me:

    * Bolero - Torvill & Dean
    * Malaguena - Sasha Cohen, though I also liked Julia Lautowa's from the 03 season (LP), which was one of the most musical and choreographed programmes in the whole competition IMO
    * Carmen - Katarina Witt
    * Swan Lake - Oksana Baiul
    * Rachmaninov - Mishkutenok & Dmitriev
    * Don Quioxte - Irina Slutskaya
    * Tosca - Irina Slutskaya
    * Man in the Iron Mask - Alexei Yagudin
    * Moonlight Sonata - Fumie Suguri
    * Turandot - Shen & Zhao
    * Riverdance - Bourne & Kraatz

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    The Prayer: Pang/Tong
    Swan Lake: Oksana Baiul
    Moonlight Sonata: Gordeeva/Grinkov
    Adagio: Evgeni Plushenko
    Don't Cry For Me Argentina: Katerina Witt
    On My Own: Michelle Kwan
    Empty Chairs at Empty Tables: Todd Eldredge
    Gladiator: Alexei Yagudin
    Man In The Iron Mask: Takeshi Honda
    Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet: Ilia Kulik
    Dr. Zhivago: Johnny Weir
    Rachmanninov Piano Concerto 2 and 3: Alexander Abt
    Bolero: Evgeni Plushenko
    Nutcracker: Shen/Zhao
    Chicago: Jenny Kirk's exhibition
    Armstrong's Romeo + Juliet: the ice dance team who did it one year
    Night On Bald Mountain: Alexander Fadeev
    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Katerina Witt
    Star Wars: Chengjiang Li
    The Mummy: Elvis Stojko
    Braveheart: Phillipe Candeloro
    Phantom of the Opera: Alexei Urmanov even though it wasn't to the story
    Lord of the Dance/Riverdance: Alexander Abt (also used Braveheart in the program)
    Interview With The Vampire: (yes, it's Interview, combined with a hint of '92's Dracula but mostly Interview, which the commentators I've heard fail to recognize) Frusar-Poli and Morgalio

    Think that's about it. No one that I've seen skates to Rota's Romeo and Juliet well, then again I've only seen Sasha Cohen and Takeshi Honda use it. My other favorite interpreetations haven't been skated to often enough I don't think, like Aladdin and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast. I'd love to see a pair skate to City of Angels or Elizabeth, oh and Interview With The Vampire hasn't been used often enough either IMO. Haven't seen any truly great Carmen or Tosca or West Side Story programs as of yet.

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    The Prayer, that's a good one I hadn't thought about! Roca&Sur had the most incredible program to that music touring with SOI on 02/03. Beautiful, there just isn't another word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaana
    - Man In The Iron Mask: A & P
    I totally agree with you on this one. Many people think of Yagudin, but I prefer their version better. The music cut was actually even better than Yagudin, Honda, or Sebestyen's.

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    Claire de Lune - Chen Lu
    Rachmoninov - Chen Lu
    Concerto d'Aranjuez - Michelle Kwan
    Tosca - Michelle Kwan
    West Side Story - Katarina Witt
    Swan Lake - Rudy Galindo
    Meditation - Oksana Baiul
    Turandot - Shen & Zhou
    Madame Butterfly - Kristi Yamaguchi
    Evita - Nicole Bobek
    Dr. Zhivago - Nicole Bobek
    Malaguena - Sasha Cohen
    Liberstraum (sp?, their LP from 92 Olympics) - M&D
    Henry V - Paul Wylie......without a doubt
    The Mission - Paul Wylie

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