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Thread: What's your favorite interpretation?

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    Liberstraum (sp?, their LP from 92 Olympics) - M&D
    I think it's spelt "Liebestraum". I'll add that to my list too, aswell as:

    Carmina Burana - Anissina & Peizerat
    My Sweet & Tender Beast - Sasha Cohen (though I also like A&P's)
    West Side Story - Duchesnays
    Meditation -Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze
    The Feeling Begins - Michelle Kwan
    Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini - Ina & Zimmerman
    Don't Cry For Me Argentina - Katarina Witt
    Michael Jackson - Bourne & Kraatz
    Elvis Presley - Belbin & Agosto
    Winter (or most Bond music) - Alexei Yagudin
    Otonal - Maria Butyrskaya
    Legends of the Fall - Vanessa Gusmeroli
    Ave Maria - Oksana Baiul (IIRC)
    Sadeness - Bourne & Kraatz, although I also loved Oksana Baiul's
    fake sword fighting choreography - Phillippe Candeloro

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    Carmina Burana - Paul Wylie
    Bolero - Torvill & Dean
    1492 - Todd - I really like Elvis' 1996 Worlds performance of this too (free skate), but the music editing was jarring.
    Riverdance - B&K
    The Color of Roses - Yuka (although I do feel that Tara did a nice program with this as well)
    Samson & Delilah - Bechke & Petrov
    Malaguena - Sasha
    Nutcracker - Shen & Zhao

    (I realize that some of these are not "warhorses," but I'm picking my favorite performances of them, anyway)
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    oh Liebestraum, my favorite interpreetation of that is Ilia Kulik.
    Carmina Burana: I like A&P, also K&O, and Paul's is magnificent too.
    I love A&P's MITIM too.
    Czardas: Bechke-Petrov
    My Heart Will Go On: Angela Nikodinov also there's a magnificent ice dance team or pair team who skated to it and told the story of the movie perfectly.
    I love B&B's Rasputin. When I hear people criticize it it makes me laugh, it makes me wonder if they know the story (or legend) at all LOL.
    Miserere (not sure if that's the name): Todd Eldredge
    oh Romeo and Juliet from Tchaikovsky I believe was skated to wonderfully by Yamaguchi/Galindo
    Mulan: Shen/Zhao
    Arabian music: best skated to IMO by Alexander Abt
    Zorro: Alexander Abt, also Abitol/Bernadis' is lovely.
    Pocahontas: Michelle Kwan
    you don't see too many people skate to The Prince of Egypt, which is a BLOODY SHAME LOL the music is magnificent, my favorite interpretation is Alexei Urmanov.

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    I forgot to add A&P for Carmina Burana, and M&D for Liebestraum. Both were amazing programs.

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    swan lake-oksana baiul

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    Just a few that came to my mind first:

    City Lights aka Chaplin - Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze
    Gladiator - Alexei Yagudin
    Romeo and Juliet - Sasha Cohen
    Swan Lake - Ilia Klimkin
    Tosca - Alexei Yagudin
    Riverdance - Bourne and Kraatz
    Nyah - Kurt Browning
    Matrix - Brian Joubert :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by anya_angie
    I love B&B's Rasputin. When I hear people criticize it it makes me laugh, it makes me wonder if they know the story (or legend) at all LOL.
    Agree on this.

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    hehehe ahhh a fellow Russian history-addict? :D :D

    My favorite Matrix would be K&D
    I'm not fond of any Tosca programs but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Irina Slutskaya. Yagudin's was great, but he lost the art somewhere in the middle I think.
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    The Matrix - Kerr & Kerr
    Titanic - Abitbol & Bernadis

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    I notice as I download skating vids that a lot of people skated to Aladdin.

    My favorite Aladdin program of all time (LOL or should I say the last 12 years cause that's all the older the movie is) is ILIA KULIK.

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    My favorite Swan Like is Klimova and Ponomorenko's, with Galindo's right behind.

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    I notice a lot of skaters seem to have used Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker and/or Romeo and Juliet in the same program. My favorite of these would be Alexei Urmanov, who did Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, and Sleeping Beauty.

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    Winter - Yagudin
    Gladiator - Yagudin
    Swan Lake - Oksana Baiul
    Bolero – Torvill/Dean
    Carmen - Katarina Witt
    Moonlight Sonata - Gordeeva/Grinkov
    Meditation - Berezhnaya/Sikharulidze
    Turandot: Shen/Zhao
    Nutcracker: Shen/Zhao
    Tosca - Langlois/Archetto
    Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini – Bestemianova/Bukin
    Elvis Presley - Belbin/Agosto
    West Side Story- Belbin/Agosto
    Carmina Burana - Paul Wylie
    Malaguena - Sasha Cohen
    Romeo and Juliette - Sasha Cohen
    Frida - Elena Liashenko
    Fields of Gold - Michelle Kwan
    Jesus Christ Superstar - Lobacheva/Averbukh
    Matrix – Kazakova/Dmitriev

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    Tosca--Michelle Kwan
    Aranquez-Michelle Kwan
    The Feeling Begins--Michelle Kwan
    Bolero--Torvill & Dean
    Turandot--Shen & Zhao
    River Dancd--Bourne & Kraatz
    Ariane--Michelle Kwan
    Salome--Michelle Kwan
    Swan Lake--Rudy Gallindo
    Moonlight Sonata--Gordeeva & Grinkov
    Malaguena--Kristi Yamaguchi

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    Moonlight Sonata: Gordeeva-Grinkov
    Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto: Mishkutenok-Dmitriev (Adagio: Chen Lu)
    Swan Lake: Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze (and Oksana Baiul- a different portion of the ballet)
    Turandot: Brian Boitano
    Concerto Aranjuez: Michelle Kwan
    Don Quixote: John Curry ('76) and Viktor Petrenko ('88)
    The Nutcracker: Gordeeva-Grinkov and Bechke-Petrov '92 (tie)
    Meditation from Thais: Berezhnaya-Sikharulidze
    Carmina Burana: Paul Wylie
    Claire de lune: Chen Lu
    Die Fledermaus: Gordeeva-Grinkov
    Memorial: Grishchuk & Platov
    Bolero: Torville & Dean
    Masquerade waltz: Krylova-Ovssianikov
    Samson & Delilah: Irina Slutskaya
    Romeo & Juliet (Tchaikovsky): Gordeeva-Grinkov
    Romeo & Juiet (Prokofiev): Anissina-Peizerat
    Ave Maria: The Protopopovs and Oksana Baiul
    Vocalise: Gordeeva-Grinkov
    Carmen: Katarina Witt
    Malaguena: Sasha Cohen
    The Gladiator: Alexei Yagudin
    Giselle: Angela Nikodinov
    Music of the night: Brian Boitano
    Lieberstraum: M&D
    Love Story: Sale & Pelletier
    Rachmaninoff on a theme by Paganini: Totmianina-Marinin
    Lawrence of Arabia: Yagudin
    Matrix: K&D
    Tosca: Irina Slutskaya
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