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Thread: The Road to Russia

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    Post The Road to Russia

    Here's an article on Johnny Weir contributed by Lou Parees. Enjoy!

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    Nice article. Sounds like Johnny knows what he does well as well as the things he needs to work on. It is interesting that he became good friends with Nicole Bobek. The two of them seem very different. Nicole is wild. Maybe she will help Johnny get in touch with his inner Christoper Bowman.

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    That's a nice article. I like Johnny Weir. He mentioned how he bonded with Nicole in his June 7th journal entry. Even though his mother said he learned to hate buses, he must have had fun on the Russian bus. He wants to learn Russian and he loves Christina Aguilara. I laughed when he said while on the tour autograph seekers didn't seem to know who he was, like maybe he was part of the road crew.

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    Really fascinating article. Lou Parees writes well and covers the gossip without being tawdry/

    I'm not surprised at Johnny's successes. I liked him back at his first US Nats, and I asked the question: Who is Johnny Weir? Nobody knew. That has changed.

    I like the way he was describe as "smooth as silk". That's the best definiton I've read about his style. And I am very happy that he is getting something out of COI. He needs, imo, more relating to audience. COI helps a lot.

    He's up against the greatest array of Men's Figure Skaters, imo, for Worlds. and it won't be easy for him to breeze through the US Nats. He's feisty and definitely smug - traits I like in skaters if they can put it on the ice. I'm looking forward to the GPs that he is entered.


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    What a great article! I always love reading articles about Johnny. They're so refreshing.

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    Thats a really nice article! Thankyou so much. I agree I always like to read Johnny's interviews. He's refreshingly honest. I know a lot has been made out about him being disrespectful to those ranked above him and bragging himself up etc, but what is so wrong with that? He's not so stupid. H knows he has to back that up with his skating. Quad flip worries me though - his triple has seemed a bit iffy at Worlds and Nationals but maybe the timig has been a little off because of this?
    Whatever - I love his skating and truly believe he is the future of mens skating. See you at Lalique Johnny!!!! (Or rather Trophee de Eric Bompard! )

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    Thanks for the highly interesting Weir article! What a great guy he is!!!

    I think Weir made excellent, really intelligent choices for his GP events, and I also think that the destiny was good for him as he was given NHK instead of Skate Canada (he will be seen live by Japanese judges, and I believe that to be very useful). Besides the World Championships 2005 being in Russia, also the 2006 Olympics will be in Europe, hence Cup of Russia and Lalique very, very good events for him to participate....


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    What an excellent and interesting article. One thing that struck me funny was the info about the "Russian" and "American" buses and that Sasha chooses to ride in the "Russian" bus........I look forward to Johnny's up coming season and hope he develops into a consistent and reliable skater similar to how he skated at last years Nat’s and worlds along with the natural growth of presentation that most skaters evolve into.......

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    Thanks for that article. Johnny is quite a character...he speaks his mind and he doesn't suck up to the media. I'm glad he's getting the attention and respect that he so rightfully deserves.

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