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Thread: Favorite Children's Books

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    Favorite Children's Books

    Got this idea from my LHOTP thread...

    other than the LHOTP books what are/were your favorite children's books?

    One of my favorites is the War With Grandpa. I have re-read that book so many times and it's still funny!

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    I remember that I read a lot of My Friends from different countries, like Mexico. I just loved those books that told you about people from other countries. I don't remember the exact names. Wish I had know about LHOTP.

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    So favs are:
    1. "Little House on the Prairie" series
    2. "Anne of Green Gables"
    3. "Sideways Stories From Wayside School" series
    4. "Clown of God" by Tomi DePaolo
    5. "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein

    Favorite authors: Bill Peet, Mercer Mayer, Virginia Lee Burton, Jack Perlutsky....just to name a few......42

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    The Black Stallion! (and the series that followed of course), but there was nothing that compared to a horse craving girl in the big city like the story of the Black and Alec.

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    Peter Spier's Rain, Christmas, and People
    Blueberries for Sal
    Make way for Ducklings
    Millions of Cats
    Why Mosquitoes buzz in peoples ears
    The Polar Express
    The Brambly Hedge Series, especially the secret staircase
    Angelina Ballernia
    The Nimh Series
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Bartholomew and the Oobleck
    The Madeline Lengle sp? series
    Anything by Eric Carl
    Holly and Ivy
    Misty of Chincotuege
    Tuck Everlasting
    The Indian in the Cubard
    Call of the Wild
    Night of the Twisters

    Thats just scratching the surface for me... I may add more later

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    I love the "Anne of Green Gables" books although I didn't read them till I was an adult.

    Nancy Drew mysteries was my favorite of all.

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    I always liked the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series. (Serieses? Serii??) Tho I think at some point they tinkered with a few of the Nancy Drews because in 3rd grade I read the ORIGINAL edition of "The Hidden Staircase" and thought the last portion when she was going through the staircases was cool, then a few years later I re-read (or so I thought) and they had completely changed the last half; the staircase sequence was not nearly as long and it didn't even dump out in the same place.

    My favorite, tho, was the Tintin series. They were almost impossible to get in this country back in those days, though; you really had to look for them.

    A children's book I still enjoy, mainly because it's just so clever, is something called "C D B!" by William Steig. It's a collection of drawings that are captioned entirely with just groups of letters. For example, these 2 little girls are fighting and one says "I 8 U!" and the other says "I 8 U 2!!", or a couple of kids are looking in this big cardboard box and one says "S M T". There's still a few of them I'm not entirely sure what is supposed to be being said!!

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    "Little House" books
    Anne of Green Gables and the rest in the series
    Encyclopedia Brown series
    All of the Shel Silverstein books of poetry
    Amelia Bedelia Books
    Berenstein Bears
    Where the Red Fern Grows

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    Amelia Bedelia
    Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle
    The Wayside School series
    You Shouldn't Have to Say Goodbye ~ I read this in the 6th grade as part of my summer reading requirement and I will still reread it every now and then.
    Judy Blume books
    The Ramona series

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    Judy Blume books
    Beverly Cleary books
    Anne of Green Gables series
    All In the Family series
    Rosalyn DuJardin books (ie Wait for Marcy)
    Betsy, Tacy & Tib series

    Most of these were 1st published before I was born, but I discovered them while just browsing the shelves.

    I also read the 1st 55 Nancy Drews, but none really stand out for me. I heard that they were being re-edited to make Nancy more up to date with regard toward to her relationships with friends and home life (ie. what car she drives, etc.)

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    My favourite author of all time is Roald Dahl (The BFG, The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Twits, George's marvellous medicine etc). I am always amazed by people who can write novels for children. Since kids tend to have shorter attention spans, I think it's great that an adult author can put themselves in a kid's shoes.

    I also loved Judy Blume. I love her adult books, too. There is also a Canadian author who is hilarious-Gordon Korman. He wrote his first book (which was published) as a grade 7 project. Talk about early talent.

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    In my heart, I'm actually Canadian....
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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!

    How in the world could I have forgotten THAT one? I was totally into that one; I wanted to be Charlie Bucket! (Tho, of course, with a much better parental situation...)

    I also remember a book called The Little Grey Men. I have no idea at this late date who wrote it, but it was about these gnomes (I think they were gnomes) and their adventures. I remember I loved it, but can't remember much these days beyond the names of the characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chele615
    Amelia Bedelia
    OMG!!! I loved these books as a kid. I'd rotflmao every time I'd read one. I think my mom still has all of them in her garage somewhere. My all-time fave kids book is Charlotte's Web. Great love story.

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    Make Way For Ducklings
    Yertle the Turtle (my favorite Dr. Seuss book)
    Eric Carle's books
    The Ramona series (Beverly Cleary)
    The Secret Garden
    Amelia Bedelia
    Wayside School series
    The Indian in the Cupboard
    Half-Magic (I don't remember who wrote this book, but I loved it)
    Hans Christian Andersen stories, especially "The Ugly Duckling"
    Eloise, particularly Eloise in Paris
    Number The Stars
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    Thumbs up

    "Thumbelina"--that was the book I kept checking out of the library when I was a child.

    All of the "Madeline" books--Looking to your left, you can see that RG Jr. and I loved these books so much that we named our poochie after her (just changed the spelling and pronunciation a bit)

    "Emma's Rug" - about a young artistic girl who learns about the origin of artistic inspiration, always brings a tear to my eyes's%20Books

    "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" -- just too cute!

    I loved all the Nancy Drew mysteries. From there I began reading Agatha Christie mysteries and never looked back.

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