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Thread: My Big News

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    Quote Originally Posted by KwanFan1212
    Congratulations Lad and best wishes on the house hunting!! And why on earth would you think we wouldn't be excited for you?!? I think the fact that this thread is all ready to two pages nixes that idea. I wish you both much happiness always and God bless your marriage too. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Well, I am a bit overwhelmed, I must say. I am a bit on the modest side, so was not sure if this was noteworthy news or not.

    Thanks again everyone.

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    I haven't been on the board for a bit--but LOVED hearing this happy news when I logged on! Best of luck for you and the new hubby! (is he good at fixing things? Always a fine trait for a man to have!)

    Good luck with house hunting! If my memory is correct, you were contemplating a condo purchase earlier this year,...Are you guys looking for a house or a condo?


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    I'm relatively new here, too, but may I add my congrats to you and your husband! May you have many years of love and joy together!

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