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Thread: "Chill Inducing" Performances

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    Rahkamo & Kokko's Valse Triste Free Dance in Helsinki just did it for me!

    Sasha Abt's Armenian Melodies SP

    Alexei Yagudins Winter, saw it live at Lalique when it was less than perfectly ready and it was amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soogar
    Oksana's Olympic Swan Exhibition - the stunned look on Jane Torvill's face (and that she actually stood out on the side to watch it) said it all.
    ITA - that one's on my list too.

    * 2004 Worlds, Shen & Zhao LP (Nutcracker), I thought it was beautiful skating and lovely choreography. And the music cut they chose worked so well for them.
    * 2004 Worlds, Stephane Lambiel LP. Terrific performance, and I definitely got chills at the noise of the audience at the end and the look on his face - I honestly thought he'd burst into tears for a moment.
    * 2004 Europeans, Kerr & Kerr FD. Had heard so much about them previously, and their Matrix FD rocked the house! Definitely lived up to expectations, and loved their reactions at the end when they'd skated it so well, John jumping up and down with his arms in the air and Sinead doubled over in relief and happiness, pumping her fists.
    * 2003 Worlds - Sasha Cohen SP. Yep, I know she fell, but I actually prefer the 03 version of this programme to the 04 version (she made a few alterations). And after that fall on the flip, she just went all out. The layback was amazing, her footwork built with the music, and I'd never seen the I-spin used that effectively before.
    * 2003 Worlds, Shen & Zhao LP. Especially towards the end, first when they get so much response for their sbs spins (so much improved from the previous year), then the second throw, then the looks on their faces just before they came round the end for the final lift - both of them getting huge joyful smiles on their faces at exactly the same time, and seeing the audience all getting to their feet as they go for the final lift, and knowing they can see it too.
    * 2002 Olympics, Michelle Kwan EX. One of the most beautiful programmes/performances ever, IMO.
    * 2002 Olympics, Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze SP.
    * 2001 Worlds, Alexei Yagudin SP.
    * 1998 Olympics, Tara Lipinski LP.
    * 1996 Worlds, Michelle Kwan LP.
    * 1994 Olympics, Torvill & Dean FD.
    * 1994 Olympics, Oksana Baiul EX.
    * 1988 OIympics, Brian Boitano LP (particularly during his final combo spin, when he's just about to pull in for the scratch spin and he throws his arms up with such an overjoyed look on his face as the crowd go mad), and his initial expression at the end.
    * 1988 Olympics, Liz Manley LP (especially when she did the 3lutz and the crowd went crazy, and her reaction at the end).
    * 1988 Olympics, Midori Ito LP.

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    Wow, Yazmeen named most of mine. Being at 1998 Nationals just made MK's performances sooo much more satisfying.

    I'll add a few others.

    Weir's 2004 Nationals SP & LP
    Savoie's 2002 Worlds LP
    Jahnke's 2004 Nats LP
    Lipinski's 1996 Worlds LP
    Lu Chen's 1998 Oly programs
    Petrenko's 1994 Oly LP - outskated Boitano, Browning, as well as the medalists (and his own 1992 LP). One of my fave Oly men's performances, very underrated.

    Jahnke and Lambiel's 2003 QR skates.

    After Stephane's QR I literally didn't know what to do with myself. I stood up, walked down the aisle, and walked back again. I was just totally stunned by what I saw. Ryan was amazing as well.

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    2004 World Championships: Shizuka's freeskate.
    1996 COAL: Katia's first skate w/out Sergei.
    1994 Olympics: Natalia & Artour's freeskate.

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    Wow.........we must be a very "chilly" group..... just reading these performances gave me goose bumps.........I agree with them all actually.....Since everyone else did all the hard work, I'll list my top three.....the number one pick for me has to be Kurt's Casa Blanca at Worlds, followed closely by Shen and Zhao's 2003 Worlds and then Michellel's "FOG" at Oly's exhibition skate............and then all the rest mentioned.....42

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    G&G, when they did Vocalise, this was a masterpiece. How can it not touch you???

    Also, many more from G&G

    The first time I saw Sale and Pelletier do Love Story but the top was the LP at the 2002 Olympics - LOVE STORY - Was just crying even before they finished.

    Katia and Ilia´s duet "Casi Un Bolero in SOI 1999-2000. That program has touched me right to the heart.
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    Toller Cranston's SP to Graduation Ball March in 1975. I never knew that this kind classical skating could have such an impact on me...but it did. The broken leg sit, the Cranston spiral, the majestic arm gestures, the "bent-back" move. And I literally screamed out loud watching the straight line steps. It's just out of this world, and to think that it was ONLY 1975...
    Gary Beacom's free program at 1979 Canadians. It was one of the most artisically revolutationary performances I've ever seen that included moves that I don't even know how to describe in words.
    Silvio Smalun's LP to Handel, as well as his Exh. to Knocking on Heaven's Door - never before imagined anyone would be able to pull off a real rock piece like this. The straightline steps done to every note of the solo electric guitar is just incredible.
    Petrenko '88 SP at Skate Canada - so different from anything he has done.
    Yagudin's SP at 2001 Worlds.
    Jeannette's LP to Rondo Capriccioso at 2001 Euros, '01 SP and '02 SP.
    Sandhu's SP at 2002 SC, Tango SP at 2003 SC, also Purple Rain
    Lambiel's 2003 QR at worlds - made me a Lambiel fan for life! And '04 SP at Worlds. Also in retrospect: his '02 SP at Euros (to Gotan Project) - what rhythm!
    Savoie's '02 LP at Worlds, and 02 SP to Reveil at Nats. I just lurrrvs Matt's skating.
    Jahnke's LP at Nationals and 4CC. I'm a convert.

    Baiul's 1993 SP, 1994 SP, and Exh. the The Swan - simply perfection.
    Kristina Czako's LP to Adams Family in 1997.
    Julia Lautowa's SP to an oldies rock medley at '97 Worlds - I really thought she would be world champion one day. What irony :(
    Lu Chen's 1998 free program to The Butterfly Lovers - I simply love the music and Lulu skated with an elegance and passion that epitomizes what I love about her culture. One of the best LP's of all time.
    Kwan's '97 SP to Dream of Desdamona and LP to Ariane at the '98 World Pros.
    Cohen's 2000 SP to Baroque selection at Nationals.
    Mikkeline Kierkgaard's free program to Rondo Capriccioso at the 2000 Euros - a masterpiece IMO. she's one of the most naturally gifted skaters I've seen, with musicality and lightness to her skating that one has to be born with. How I wish she could have mastered the triple jumps and stayed in the singles :(
    Joannie Rochette's '03 SP to Secret Garden at Canadians. No one does Secret Garden better than Joannie.
    Maniachenko's SP at CoR this year.
    Ota's '03 LP at Japanese Nationals, SP at '03 Skate Canada, and the Exhibition to a piano waltz. Yukina is magic
    Bebe Liang's SP to Bond at '03 Nats and the Carmen SP at CoR this year.
    Kostner's SP at Worlds this year.

    Klimova & Ponomarenko's FD at '92 Olys.
    Rakhamo & Kokko's FD to Valse Triste at 93 Euros, and La Strada FD from '94.
    Krylova & Ovsiannikov's '95 Worlds Flamenco FD, '96 Paso Doble OD, '99 OD to La Traviata, as well as the African Drum FD of the same year.
    Grishuk & Platov's '97 Tango OD Libertango.
    Lobacheva & Averbukh - '02 Flamenco OD at the Olympics. What a blinder!
    Silverstein & Pekarek's Great Expectation FD at '99 SA.
    L&T's Anytime, Anywhere at Worlds.
    D&S's '99 FD to Sarabande at Worlds, '03 OD, and the Handel FD at Skate Canada.
    G-Rabinowitz & Mitchell - '03 OD to Graduation Ball March at Nationals
    Mikhairova & Sergeev - OD from Jr. Worlds this year. She's amazing!
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    One program that stands out and still gives me chills (among MANY others) is Surya Bonally's (sp?) short program at the 94 Olympics. It was soo exotic and and well executed! Well, another one that comes to mind is Jose Chounard's(sp?) skate to Moon River at Skate Canada about 8 or 9 years ago.........Her sheer joy at the end really sent that last shiver down my spin!
    Okay, one last one, Paul Wylies program to Schindler's List was amazing!

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    Okay...I have two more to add! I ordered some tapes for some competitions and performances I hadn't seen and I found two more:

    Tonya Harding, 1991 U.S. Nationals LP - Wow! Everyone (even the commentators) were ready to give this one to Kristi even after she had performed a flawed skate. Then Tonya came along and was magnificent! Her jumps were enormous and perhaps the best I have ever seen. She was ecstatic after nailing her triple axel early in the program and it really helped carry her was a shocking and electrifying performance. I got chills from it. She was so talented and had the potential to be one of the best skaters in decades....I'm just sorry she had to turn to knee-whacking as an alternate hobby/career.

    Tanja Szewczenko, 1998 Champion's Series Final LP - I always loved Tanja and was so sad to see her struggle with illness and injury after the 1994 Worlds. I never expected her to come roaring back like she did in this competition...and not only roaring back, but much improved from what she had been previously. Her "Speed" LP was so graceful and her jumps were brilliant...especially that tricky lutz which plagued her for most of her career! I got chills as soon as she hit the 2nd 3lz in combination with a 2t....I knew I had never seen her skate that well before. It was a great moment.

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    Sale & Pelletier's Love Story Olys Program
    Denkova & Staviyski's 99 FD Sarabande, 03 OD Memoirs of a Grand Ball, and 04 FD Handel Worlds.
    Anissina & Peizerat's 00 FD Carmina Burana
    And, finally, I saw this many years after it was skated for the last time: The Man I Love, by Gordeeva and Grinkov.

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    I'm pretty sure that none of you have seen this but for me, it was Ice Image Senior at Canadian Synchro Nationals in 1999. They skated to The Mask of Zorro, and brought down the house! They were second last to skate, and were absolutely perfect. Their skate was fast, sharp, dynamic, thoughtful, just brilliant. There was not a person sitting after they finished. They had marks ranging from 5.4 to 5.9 for both marks, and yet it wasn't enough. Sadly, they lost out to black ice who had a flawed performance, which caused some controversy. I re-watched that competition today, and even 5 years later, I still get goosebumps!

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    Alexei Yagudin - both his SP and LP at SLC Olympics.

    Jeff Buttle - Take Five SP - 4CC 2004 - even though he fell on the quad it was still an amazing performance.

    S/Z 2003 Worlds LP - i'm not really a fan of them, i usually prefer T/M and P/T. But this performance was definately chill inducing.

    The Kerrs - Matrix FD at Euros. I was so nervous for them i could hardly watch :o

    Anissina & Peizerat - MITIM FD at Worlds 1999.

    Lang & Tchernyshev - Anytime Anywhere, US Nats 2000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shine
    Lambiel's 2003 QR at worlds - made me a Lambiel fan for life! And '04 SP at Worlds. Also in retrospect: his '02 SP at Euros (to Gotan Project) - what rhythm!
    I can't believe I forgot to mention his LP at 02 Euros That's one of my favourite performances ever! He was amazing! Finished 4th at Europeans in an Olympic year, without a quad or triple axel! That shows how good he was. He was amazing in that performance. And I agree about his sense of rhythm. (IIRC the music is "Cirque de Soleil" - is Gotan Project the same thing?) His footwork, transitions and in-betweens, jumps, choreography, and spins in that performance were incredible.

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    Nope. Gotan Project was the SP which I actually said It's the same music D&L used for the first part of their free dance this year. I just got to watch it this spring (much thanks to Soulseek) and was totally blown away. It was actually a little better than Cirque du Solei in terms of effectiveness IMO!
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    G&G Moonlight Sonata at the 94 Olympics
    Katia's COAL performance
    Katia and Ilia's Casi Un Bolero
    Katia's Morning performance
    G&G Man I Love, Out of Tears, Vocalise
    Sasha Cohen Malaguena at World's 04
    Michelle Kwan Fields of Gold after the 98 Olympics
    Michelle Kwan Dante's Prayer
    Grishuk & Platov's program from the Olympics that was about Sarajevo iirc
    A&P had a performance that gave me chills----ugh---can't remember the name of it.
    Kurt Browning's Nyah
    Alexei Yagudin's Overcome

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