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    FSU status

    Just wanted to pass on that I just heard from Sharpie regarding FSU being down. She finally go through to the server and they're working on it right now. Apparently the server is having problems as a whole, but not sure exactly what the problem is. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum (please feel free to move it), but I know a lot of you read FSU so I thought I'd keep you updated.

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    The ISU discussion board seems to be down as well.

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    Great.. Thank you... I was wondering and asking on another forum.

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    I was just over at FSU a little while ago so that board is back up again. Thought I would pass that information along to you guys. Hopefully everything stays okay now. :o

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    It is up for most people, but not for users of Cox cable. Spinner and I are on the phone now trying to find out why...


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    Hello - Sorry for the trouble, this is now working for people who cant get in the usual way

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