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Thread: Mt. Spur (in Alaska) News

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    Mt. Spur (in Alaska) News

    not to make anyone worry, just think this news is cool!, but Mt. Spur is something like 35 miles from where I live... it's across the inlet though... I might have that completely off though... I heard it on the radio really early this morning...

    I am allergic to Volcanic ash... when Redoubt blew in the 80s I had a huge rash and everything... then when Spur blew in 92 I got to spend 3 weeks inside and I still ended up getting my skin in contact with teh stuff...

    then in 5th grade we had a science thing where we had to be blindfolded and guess what the dirt/rock/sediment was... and one was volcanic(we weren't told before hand) and no one thought that someone would be allergic to it ha ha ha... I had boils for a few days... it's really bad... *cross fingers* hopefully it's nothing... we've had a volcano "scare" before this

    by the time it blows I'll be even further away from it so that's a good thing... but I'll still have to be majorly careful. If I'm lucky it'll blow while I'm in Portland or Disney World or something like that...

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    Sounds scary. Take care.

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