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Thread: Man trying to lose 800 pounds

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    Man trying to lose 800 pounds

    I sure hope he reaches his goal, as does his wife. More power to him, especially since he's not doing it through surgery.
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    Wow, I hope he succeeds, too. And I definitely respect him for doing it without surgery. Although, not that anything is wrong with surgery. I have a friend that at one time weighed over 500 lbs. Surgery was recommended time and time again, but eventually he realized it wasn't a physical problem for him. He ate because he had deep rooted issues to deal with. He had a hard time, but he worked through them and is currently down to 300 lbs. I think that is a tremendous accomplishment and I applaude anyone that is willing to face their demons head on.

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    I read the article in the paper. Poor man, I hope he makes it. What a difference his life will be when he does.

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    My heart goes out to him. It makes me feel silly for whining about the 20 lbs. I have been trying to lose for the past few years. I really have no excuse except for laziness. :\

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    Well, he's on his way, I hope he makes it. At some point he'll have to have surgery to remove excess skin........42

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    No surgeon would touch him until he's lost a great deal more weight. He would be too high risk on the operating table for what would be considered a "cosmetic procedure" (not that it wouldn't be necessary after he loses the amount of weight he's planning. Best of luck to him.

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    I know that I would like to lose another 25 pounds....which is why I have a hard time imagining that anyone could get to the point of being over 1/2 a ton in weight.

    I have a friend who gained a lot of weight due to diabetes, but it was his own fault. He didn't watch his diet and as a result, had other health issues. He knew it was wrong, but he blamed his lunchmates for wanting to eat outside of the building. Just because you go out to eat doesn't mean that you still can't eat healthy. When I 1st met him, he could walk up a flight of stairs and only be slightly winded. That was about 8 years ago. He had a heart attack back in December and is now on long term disability. Had to have a defibulator put in and it has gone off a couple of times. Fortunately, he took it as a wake up call and is eating healthier and now attempts to take a walk daily. Last I heard he was up to 3 blocks.

    Here's a link to a story about a woman who got stuck to her couch after sitting on it for 6 years. I haven't been able to find any follow up since there must be neglect involved.

    Woman Dies after being stuck on couch

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