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  • Punsalan&Swallow 94 Olympics FD

    2 1.87%
  • NNN 99 Nationals SP

    11 10.28%
  • Caro 04 Worlds LP

    3 2.80%
  • Obertas&Palamarchuk 00 Worlds LP

    18 16.82%
  • Emanuel Sandhu 2003 Skate Canada SP

    5 4.67%
  • Sasha Cohen 2004 Nationals LP

    8 7.48%
  • Maria Butyrskaya 99 GPF LP

    2 1.87%
  • Mandy Woetzel 94 Olympics LP

    27 25.23%
  • Rena Inoue 94 Nationals LP

    0 0%
  • Other

    31 28.97%
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Thread: Worst Falls

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    T&M's fall will go down as one of the worst. Fortunately the results were not catastrophic. Obertas & Palamarchuk's fall was worse in a way. He not only had to be taken to the hospital, but he also had to stop skating for quite some time (at least a year).

    Paul Binnebose's fall was worse, but it was not during a competition, if my information is correct (can someone verify?). It ended his career as a figure skater.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vash01
    T&M's fall will go down as one of the worst. Fortunately the results were not catastrophic. Vash
    Vash, I have to agree about T&M's fall, I still cringe when I watch it. I'm surprised she only got a black eye. It looked like she fell on her face. I'm surprished she didn't break her teeth. Oh--h-h-h-h-h--h. :sheesh: :sheesh:


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    Prior to Skate America, I would have said Woetzel & Steuer's. Now I would say T& M's. Thank goodness the results weren't catastropic, & that she'll be OK!

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    T&M's fall in present memory. How sad it was. They were looking so good to Scher. Also there is Johnny's two falls at US Nats in 2003 which basically washed him up, and we are constantly being reminded of those.

    Of course, there was W&S which blew my mind, however, that was not, apparently, as bad as it looked.

    I'm hoping T&M will be able to skate again and soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Antilles
    Jayson Denommee had a nasty one at Cnds once. He had food poisoning, and kept falling all over the place. He fell on one jump and actually banged his head on the ice.

    Not technically a fall, but Christopher Bowman when he caught his blade between the boards (I can't remember the competition). That looked painful.
    It was actually a very nasty flu that affected Jayson's skating.

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    Greg Ladret and "tuffy" Christine Hough of Canada. He fell on his head to break her fall and had to wear a helmet when they skated for quite some time.

    Doug fractured his skull Nov.17/86. On November 17, 1986, Doug hit a rut during a lift in a practice session. He saved Christine, but fractured his skull "in a couple of places". It was a near life-threatening injury, but a week later Doug was out on the ice (with a helmet on) again. They were off the ice for 5 weeks then they made the world team for their first time where they placed 8th.
    They were awesome!!!

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    I voted other- T&M's fall was prettyy bad...

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    Butyrskaya's fall on nothing at the 98 Worlds, although funny about 3 seconds after, looked like it really could have been much more serious when it happened.

    Also, her fall at the 2001 Euros LP on the 3sal when it looked like she body slammed the ice.

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    Well the only fall I ever seen live was Tatiana & Maxim so I'd vote for that.
    One I saw on TV was Namio Nam at nationals when she fell and hit her head, it's a wonder she didn't knock her self out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sashasbeau
    Speaking of Worst Falls, yesterday I had my worst fall.
    I was going into My Lutz combo when suddenly I tripped. Lets just say I redefined the word headbanger
    oh i hit the wall all the time! i do my lutz and fall and hit my head into the wall! lol and i fall on my head all the time during surprised i havent had brain damage!

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