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Thread: usfssa spring open Spoiler

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    usfssa spring open Spoiler


    1. Michelle
    2. Fumie
    3. Sasha
    4. AP
    5. Irina
    6. Elena
    7. Shizuka
    8. Sarah

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">Congrats Michelle, on an undefeated season</span>

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    Re: ABC challenge Spoiler

    are they boardcasting on tv? i hope...:D

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    on tv

    5/11 ABC 1-3pm ET

    I look forward to it, from reports Fumie was awesome. , and AP completed 7 triples

    <span style="color:red;font-size:large;">Congrats Fumie, you rock</span>

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    Re: on tv

    oh great thanks...can't wait to see it...:D

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    Re: usfssa spring open Spoiler

    Thanks eltamina.....that makes 5 for 5 for Michelle this season..........:D 42

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    Re: usfssa spring open Spoiler

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: usfssa spring open Spoiler / Men

    1. Plushenko
    2. Goebel
    3. Weiss
    4. Li

    <em><strong>Congrats Plushy, on an undefeated season!!!</strong></em>


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    Re: usfssa spring open Spoiler

    Both '02/03 singles World Champs, undefeated. Hearty congratulations, Michelle and Plush!

    Anybody know what the pairs and dance results are?

    Thanks Eltamina and Jaana

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    Re: on tv

    Thanks mucho for the info. I've never heard of this contest. Glad to see so many "stars" participated. It's a quadless comopetition! Oh my!

    Also glad that ABC is showing it at 1 pm. That means the length of the golf game is inconsequential since it will have to come after a taped fs skate which, of course, will be forced to run on time and many skaters omitted. Oh well, Joey, ease up. Cable figure skating is coming.


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    Re: on tv

    It was a wonderful competition. I was there for it and it was awesome.

    Michelle nailed the 3toe/2toe and no flubs like at worlds, but the loop suffered (2loop) because the rink was 1/3 the size of the MCI center, it was SMALL!!! Michelle has the best edges of all the girls there. She would skate by and you wouldnt even know it.

    Fumie had the skate of her life, she was even crying at the end. She was awesome. One thing i noticed: She was with Frank Carroll. Now i know Fumie uses Lori Nichol so it wouldnt surprise me if Fumie spent the summer in Lake Arrowhead to work on her artistry.... and who better to work on that than Frank and Lori?!?!?

    AP was great as well, but needs work on making everything "flow"....

    Irina is alright. She is getting there. She had a rough season but she will be ready come next.

    Sasha, fell. Landed the salchow before the footwork. Tarasova wasnt there.

    Arakawa was great, they definately undermarked her, again.

    Elena had an off night with her jumps.

    Sarah got nailed with her marks. Jeez these judges have no mercy.

    All-in-all, it was a great competition. Ill save my gushing for MKF!!!! :rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

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    Re: on tv

    Congratulations to the winners.

    For the record, however, it should be noted that Plushenko finished second to Yagudin at the Campbell's event in Daytona back in October.


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    Re: on tv

    Welcome to the board Grannyfan. Now, you've got to tell me about that name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: on tv

    Thanks for the post Eltamina and Jaana.

    Hi, Grannyfan. Hope you like it here.

    Thanks for the report, Kwansong. I think I'll sneak over to the MKF myself and soak up some good vibes.

    Gosh, Plenshenko did only 5 triples, no quad, and doubled his triple Lutz. That must be some sort of a record for him. Interesting that only Li did a quad, and he finished last.

    Michelle's comments about scheduling, touring, and coming down off a Worlds high were interesting. It sounded like a high point for Fumie, however. A great way for her to end an up and down season. Is she touring with COI?


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    Fumie's COI schedule

    Off topic

    Fumie is not doing a full COI tour

    Here are the cities that are left, according to Fumie's official site

    4/10 Long Island,NY Nassau Coliseum 7:00 pm
    4/12 Boston,MA FleetCenter 7:30 pm
    4/13 Hartford,CT Hartford Civic Center 3:00 pm
    4/16 Rochester,NY Blue Cross Arena 7:00 pm
    4/18 Cleveland,OH Gund Arena 7:30 pm
    4/19 Columbus,OH Nationwide Arena 7:30 pm

    On topic again, there were no pairs or dance competitions, just exhibitions

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">Congrats Fumie</span>

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    Re: Fumie's COI schedule

    Thanks for the welcome, Ggranny. I read here quite often but have never posted until today.

    Regarding my name, well, basically....I'm old.


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