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Thread: Newington's big secret

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    Post Newington's big secret

    Here's a nice article with mentions of Morozov for those interested.

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    Thanks Paula, great article!

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    Yes the article is glowing but I have to wonder who is paying the bills to keep this rink profitable and functioning.

    I tried skating there several times over several years and it was frustrating as the higher level/elite skaters are just too dangerous. Their freestyle sessions were almost all daytime (nix for school kids/working adults.)

    This summer, on the weekends, he was at another local rink, took center ice with his skaters and used their music repeatedly. When asked, he did give up the music player for another skater to do her program. We all had paid to be on that ice and it was rather rude to just take over the ice like they did.

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    I am going to read the article when I get chance. One thing I found in common at Iorio Arean in MA is this Russion ice dance coach, I don't know his name, but he always use the music machine once he gets on the ice. During the regular early afternoon sessions which are for both freestyle and ice dancing, he used machine about most of the session. His two dance pairs run all over the ice like the whole ice is for ice dancing. And he tried in every way to block certain younger kids to do their double jumps...

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    I love Kevin, but he did not come in second at Skate Canada. He came in second in the long program, but since he was dead last in the short, even with the CoP he could only move up to fifth. Or maybe fourth. I can't remember...

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    Princess, you are correct - I think what was meant was Trophy Lalique.

    Kevin had a second-place finish at Trophy Lalique last season, although his performance in the LP at Skate Canada was quite something.

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