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Thread: Skating Artwork

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    Skating Artwork

    I've recently been able to open up my own online gallery at [url][/url] and many of my peices deal with figure skating. One thing I'd like to do is make a directory of many artists who do figure skating related art and I just wanted to leave a note here to see if anyone here is an artist who does skating peices and would be interested in 'linking up.' I think it would be fun to get us all together in one place.
    Anyone else interested???

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    Art is a passion of mine, but so is skating. I am devoting hte time and energy to skating. I am so glad that you poasted this. I have been looking for some skating artwork for my "skate room".

    I looked at these and they are nice. I wish that I could find some of Sonja Henie. That may drive ME back to the proverbial and literal drawing table!!!
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    skating art

    Good to hear!
    If you ever put any of your art online, let me know! We can link up! :o

    In a backward way, art led me to skating. I wanted some interesting poses to draw for an art class and picked up a book on skating. Wow, it's amazing where that all led!
    Now I've learned to figure skate and it's one of my specialties in art. Also, if you have a Sonja photo that you think would make a great pose- I'd love to see it.
    Also, I got a poster for christmas that's an old advertisement for a french resort and it has a 1920s skater on it that looks very Sonja. Check out or someplace like that, you will probably find it.

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    Hello! Thanks for your request - what a good idea. I do watercolors of skaters, which you can see [URL=]here[/URL].

    I looked at a few of your pieces and I'll go back and look at the rest soon. I'm re-doing my entire web site at the moment, (partly so it will load a lot faster) but when the new one goes up I'll include a section of links to others who also do skating artwork.

    I'll be doing a lot more watercolors of skaters this fall, but they probably won't be up on the site until October or November.

    Great to see your work!

    -Sarah B.

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