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Thread: ***Keep this going!!!!!!!!***

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    ***Keep this going!!!!!!!!***

    Lets see who can post the most on this thread. Don't let it stop!!!! just type random stuff.

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    im in math class right now... yuck

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    (this sounds like fun)

    Edd (aka Double D) "Why, Jimmy? Why implicate us?"

    Jimmy: "Revenge takes no prisoners, Double D!"

    Eddy: "Revenge?! What the heck did we do?!"

    Jimmy: "You ruined a perfectly good pair of underpants, you big brute!"

    Edd (Double D) *pause* "Ohh, the wedgie."

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    Piccolo: You play the fiddle, sir?

    Captain Hudson: It's a violin.

    Piccolo: Oh. Hey, you know the difference between a violin and an onion? Nobody cries if you chop up a violin. Ah, I just heard that, that's not my professional opinion, sir.

    Captain Hudson: You know for a man whose name is Piccolo, you show very little music appreciation.

    Piccolo: Sir, I read this, that book, "The Red Badge of Courage."

    Capt. Hudson: What did you think?

    Piccolo: It's pretty good.

    Hudson: Pretty good? Stephen Crane is one hell of an author.

    Piccolo: Hey, maybe I'll uh, I'll e-mail him a fan letter.

    Hudson: This book was written in 1895.

    Piccolo: Oh.

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    Prince Henry: I am but a servant to my crown and I have made my decision. I WILL NOT YIELD!

    Leonardo Da Vinci: Then you don't deserve her.

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    (I was limping all day one time in high school)

    Lenny: Did you get hurt?

    Me: Yeah.

    Lenny: Man, I hurt my knee playing football.

    Me: What'd you do, fall off the bench?

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    In my life, she has burst like the music of angels the light of the sun, in my life, there is something that seems to be over and something has scarcely begun. Eponine, you're the friend who has brought me here, thanks to you, I am one with the gods and Heaven is near! And I saw to a world that is new, that is free...

    Every word that he says is a DAGGER IN ME!

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    Sigh, note to self, look up CDs to order for Christmas on FYE. Withdraw money from bank for SA. Buy flowers and cameras. Pack stuff for dad's. When at the mall on Monday get Royal Diaries series, Sondok, the Japanese princess, perhaps Jahanara, perhaps NZhingha.

    Classical CDs to order

    Shostakovich's 7th, 9th, 11th
    Best of Debussy


    None that I can think of.

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    Also order

    Tchaikovsky's Tempest and Hamlet overtures.

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    Things To Do

    Type up programs
    Talk to Marsha about mom, and Kyu/Nadya's program
    Think of ideas for storylines
    Try to post some old overdue writing.
    Talk to Aunt Betty.

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    You know the rest of you may hate your insomnia, but I'm not sure I want a cure for mine. That's when I get all my best ideas. When I'm waiting to fall asleep. When I'm alone, occasionally, my mind is racing with creative ideas and come 3AM, I feel like a GENIUS.

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    LOL, I get ideas too when I can't sleep. The problem is I am too tired to write them down. The next day I have forgotten them.

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    LOL That was a quote from the remade version of the film The Haunting.

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    Okay Angel, I think it's time for a second page of a Jerry Seinfeld thread.

    angie......I think you win so far.

    piel......I can't remember what i'm doing from one minute to another.

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    LOL JO


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