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Thread: Getting back from burn out

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    Getting back from burn out

    Changes are if you've skated any length of time, you've gone through burn out.

    I definately have. I went from taking classes, lessons, and dance class to not touching the ice for 2 months. Life has just taken me away from the ice and honestly I didnt miss it for quite a while.

    I am slowly starting to get back, but its hard. I hate that I ve lost a lot of my skill and I dont feel as comfortable as i should because of that.

    how has anyone else here made it through that?

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    I was off the ice for two months (mid April to early June) due to a broken wrist. I wasn't burned out, though, so my experience is probably not comparable. I missed skating horribly.

    It took me a couple of weeks (maybe 3) to get back most of my skills. I still think I'm just a tad more fearful/slow than I was before though.

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    I was off the ice for two years due to a hip injury. That wasn't burn-out either, but I'm more than familiar with the difficulty of trying to relearn everything you've lost. With a previous knee, and then back injury, each of which had me off for about 6 weeks, it really didn't take me long at all to get things back, maybe a month. Now, however, it's really difficult to get my stamina back to make it through a four-minute program when I can only skate a few times a week, and am unable to do any cross-training. And I'll never be able to do many of the jumps I was working on before I injured my hip.

    You'll definately be able to get everything back though -- I was able to for my previous injuries. Sometimes, even, when you take a little time off, you can come back even stronger, because sometimes a rest is just what your body needs, injured or not. Needless to say, you're definately not alone -- whether from burnout or injury, every skater takes time off at least once.

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    I have noticed the strange phenomenon of coming back from a 'vacation' and doing the scratch spin of your life!
    For some reason it seems I can go out on the ice and the first element is great, and I spend the rest of the practice trying to top it. I guess that would be good if I was competing- but that is highly unlikely!
    Another thing I hate is summer ice. It didnt help my practice today to have to skate over huge speed bumps caused by condensation. I cant wait til things get cooler. Hopefully my elements will sneak back on board!

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    I took 9 months off due to burn-out. For quite awhile I didn't think about skating at all. It was almost 7 months before I felt the urge to skate. I then thought seriously about what might have led to the burn-out and realized several things. I spoke with my coach about the changes I wanted and if she would be willing to meet those conditions. She did and I returned to lessons. Some things were rusty, other elements came back better than ever. Each skater is different.

    Perhaps you should ask yourself why you burned out and what changes you are now making so that you don't repeat the cycle. Good luck!

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    I didn't have to go through all of that, but my friend quit...that's not the answer! try going on the ice everyday! that will help. and pretend for the first few times, you're a level lower than you are...and ask for extra lessons. {not too many, they cost some mula!}

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    breaks and not going back

    i took a break from skating this past summer to work as a camp counselor. after being done with that i got back into the rink and was ready to get back into the swing of things and get ready to try out for disney on ice. then my coach became ill and i havent been on the ice for over a month. im starting to get sad that i wont be able to skate anymore. im in college and am starting to think about what i wanna do with the rest of my life and while i wanna skate, i dont think it would last my whole life (while paying well).
    very bummed about this whole situation and just wanting to skate again!!!!!

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    Megs1066, thanks for posting and welcome to Golden Skate!

    You must be pretty good if you are trying out for Disney on Ice. I hope your coach is doing better.

    Maybe you can do a Sarah Hughes and alternate skating with college!


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