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    WADA Rule Changes

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    This is going to be a hot topic leading into the Olympic season.

    WADA fast tracks rules that could bar Russia from Olympics

    The headline is slightly misleading because it presumes that the Russian anti-doping agency is still not in compliance with WADA and I'm not certain that is still true but given the Russian Athletics Federation is still banned by the IAAF there still could be some outstanding issues. It would also apply to places other than Russia, of course, like Kenya and Jamaica, but they haven't received as much press coverage as the Russians because the drug scandals aren't quite as large and really only apply to athletics.
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    "After investigations uncovered evidence of wide-spread state sponsored doping in Russia, WADA recommended to the IOC that the country be banned from last year’s Rio Games.

    The IOC, however, over-ruled WADA and handed the decision on Russian participation to individual sporting federations.

    Under the proposed rule changes the IOC would be unable to throw Russia a life line like it did in Rio.

    A country, federation or NOC found non-compliant will have the right to appeal to an independent hearing panel.

    If the panel overturns the decision, WADA can then appeal the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport."

    From what I've read they are looking to change the rules, but that will take some time. They will vote in November 2017. And then it will take three months to implement the changes.
    Russia is already considered non-compliant.
    I don't know what to think about this... It was a huge issue but not really a huge scandal. Like, nothing is happening. There were no serious consequences. IOC saved Russian federation last Olympics.
    There is a documentary about the whole doping scheme they did. I haven't watched it(I don't know where is it available). But it was insane... The government was involved. 😶
    I hope Justice is done in time.
    Also, Adelina Sotnikova was one of the investigated athletes. There was some kind of tiny mark on her "pee thing/frask/I don't know what is the scientific term lol", which could indicate it was tempered with.
    I would love to see her losing her undeserved medal. But I don't think that will be the case. I think the judges were bought not that Adelina was using drugs. lol
    Anyway, I hope Adelina lovers won't eat me alive here. But if they do, at least this thread will get busy! lol

    Back to the main topic, let's wait after November to see if something will actually change and if it will affect Figure Skating.

    Do you think it will?

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    I thought we weren't supposed to open threads on this subject until news became available. A lot of misinformation was being casually discussed and fighting occurred because of the inaccuracy of reporting and frankly the credibility of WADA itself is in question.

    FWIW: The last news I've read on the matter was rather recently in which Russia has been granted authority to start conducting urine sample testing again because they are seen as compliant with WADA regulations again. Blood is still being collected and shipped out of Russia by UKAD.

    Alao there is no evidence that ADELINA's sample was tampered with and that was an error on WADA's part and falsely reported numerous times. They released a list in the McClaren report in which they made errors in identifying and concealing people's test results.

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    Fully agree, bringing this topic up by a poster with just 16 posts looks to me as a sheer provocation.

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    World Anti-Doping Agency Clears 95 Russian Athletes...............

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    In an interview on Monday, Mr. Niggli said: “The system was very well organized,” referring to Russia’s coordinated cheating that extended from world championship competitions to the Olympic Games. “On top if it, years after the fact, the remaining evidence is often very limited.”
    just pathetic... "we can't prove anything, so they just were well organized"

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