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Thread: I hate wallpaper

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    I hate wallpaper

    I've spent the last week scraping off the hideous wallpaper the former owners of my house put on the walls. It's the worst job in the world--put on the wallpaper removal gook, wait, scrape off the soggy wallpaper, put more gook on to remove the residual paper, wash the wall, dry the wall. AAARGH!!!!!

    And this is just one room (the one with football wallpaper). Next week I get to do the room with bunny rabbit wallpaper. Then I get to do the kitchen wallpaper--an indescribable purple floral paisley.

    Ugly wallpaper should be against the law. :D :D

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    I've just spent the last three weekends putting up wallpaper. Hopefully it's not hideous though. :D We wallpapered so we wouldn't have to take the old paper down. Old plaster walls are hard to work with.

    I would have been covering bunny rabbits and footballs too.

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Good luck and I'm sure it will be beautiful when you are done.

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    I spent three weeks doing that to a tiny closet, and that stupid wallpaper glue wouldn't completely come off in most spots. The man drywalling said not to fret, because his drywall will cover it up.

    Thank goodness!

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    Quote Originally Posted by humbaba

    Ugly wallpaper should be against the law. :D :D
    But it can be so amusing with the right attitude!! :D Best ugly wallpaper I ever saw was in the under-sink cabinet of the bathroom of a house purchased by a friend of mine; it was sepia-colored drawings of these naked children (kind of like the Love Is..... kids, but yet not quite) on a beige background. A bathroom done in low-grade kiddie porn, now THAT'S attractive..... :sheesh: :sheesh:

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    My hubby and I nearly divorced the last time we put wallpaper up. Never again. We now sponge paint or paint a solid color and use a border. When we moved into out house many years ago, the former owner used a type of rice paper wallpaper that I swear must have been applied with a hot glue gun. We couldn't get it off so we ended up paneling over it..........42

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    Thumbs down

    As far as resale goes, wallpaper is a major detraction. Most people in San Diego county seem to not like it, so if a house has it, buyers are already calculating the cost of removing it before they write that offer! :D

    I showed one house that was covered with hideous, tacky and well-worn wallpaper in EACH AND EVERY ROOM (and the living room had very high, vaulted ceilings). One of the rooms had it EVERYWHERE, including the ceiling! The house was at least 2400 s.f.

    They could not sell the house because of the wallpaper, so they had to have it removed then put back on the market. Only then did it sell.

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    RealtorGal got that one right! My husband and I just looked at house that had a bathroom done completley in Mickey Mouse wallpaper!!! The seller (a real estate agent by the way) has a thing for Mickey. It was overpowering. Bright red and black Mickey's everywhere in a small space - too much! Needless to say, the house was already overpriced ($409,900!) - eighteen years old. No bargain that is for sure. We passed.

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    What I don't understand is people who put wallpaper in a bathroom or kitchen. All 2 1/2 of my bathrooms had wallpaper when we moved in.

    I love a hot shower and had to take the wallpaper down because I was steaming it off anyway. The main bathroom was done by a handyman. Unfortunately, he left some glue on the walls and I'm going to have to figure out how to get the glue off before I repaint.

    The 2nd bathroom, I did myself. That's when I found out that the paper must be about 30 years old because it was behind the toilet, too. I just scraped in as far as I could. Don't know if I did a good job because we don't use that bathroom very much.

    I intended to do the half bath this year. It's a tigh space, the the areas above the heater and around the sink have stains. Probably start doing it during the 1st major snowstorm since I'll be stuck inside the house.

    The previous owners took the wallpaper off the kitchen - again, the grease and water stains in the kitchen = no wallpaper in my mind.

    It's not too bad in the dining room.

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