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Thread: Let's talk K Picks

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    Let's talk K Picks

    Hi all!

    Sorry I haven' t been around much lately.....been busy....

    I am curious to know hoe many here have tried the famous K Picks.....and while we are at it.....Parabolics with the K Picks....

    What differences have you noticed....good or bad.....

    I don' t really care about what people have said or will say about for I value the opinions of those on this forum....real people....real skaters....


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    My coach got them and does not notice a difference at all. For me, the jury is still out on the parabolics. Until I hear many rave about them, I am happy on my Visions.

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    Love, love, love my Phantom K-Picks! I think they were well worth the money. On the other hand, I have a friend that just bought them and hates them, so he's going back to regular Phantoms. (However, I suspect a poor initial sharp may have something to do with his dislike of them).
    I almost wish I'd waited and gone with the parabolic K-picks, but I'm not spending money for new blades 2 years in a row and the regular Phantom K serves me pretty well.

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    I don't have K-picks, but I'm curious about them, so if anyone has experience, please share! I have Parabolic Pattern99's and I love them. The parabolics makes edge and toe takeoffs a little quicker, which gives you more height.

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    i have phantom k-picks and i like them but i dont find that there is much difference between them and regular blades. mostly i find that they have better 'grip' when doing lutzes/flips/toes and they just seem more solid when picking in.

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    Parabolics are good for edges and edge jumps. They make footwork harder to do and they are awful for dancers who need to do fast twizzles and complicated foorwork. I haven't used k picks.

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    I have parabolic blades and feel they are ok. When I buy a new pair of blades I probably will go back to my MK professionals.

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