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Thread: US Men's 2004 - 2005 Outlook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    I think the big news this year will be Evan Lysacek. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him step out ahead of the old standbys Matt Savoie, Scott Smith and Ryan Janke.

    As for the Big Three, the only thing that can hold Johnny Weir back is the quad. I believe he has at least one quad "practice-ready," but "competition-ready" is another matter. If Johnny gets a reliable quad I think he could definitely be a world podium contender this year.

    Tim Goebel is the big question mark because of his injuries/equipment problems. All sorts of rumors have flown around, one of them being that he wasn't really injured last year at all, he just got bored and lazy and didn't train seriously. Mathman
    IMHO, Johnny Weir will continue to develop a consistent quad jump, will defend his US title with two strong, artistic programs, and will medal at Worlds next year. He is the best American man right now, and he should have a very bright future ahead of him, assuming that he stays healthy, injury-free, and doesn't succumb to competitive nerves.

    Timothy Goebel, indeed, is a big question mark. This guy has all the quads anyone could ever want, but his artistry, is, well, at the junior level. He still has a slouched back and shoulders when he skates cross overs, and his interpretaion of music is, well, also at the junior level. I expect him to place second at Nationals, assuming he stays on his feet and doesn't hurt himself.
    As for Worlds, he's a longshot for a medal - perhaps a fifth or sixth place finish.

    I think this will be the year that Evan Lysacek will make the US World team. I think he will win the bronze medal and finish somewhere in the top ten at Worlds. Not bad for your first time on the World team. I really like Evan's style and "go for it" approach to his jumps.

    As for Michael Weiss. PLEASE. The guy is 28 years old, and he is still trying to figure out how to land triple axels, not to mention his elusive quad lutz.
    I am really exasperated as seeing him skate sloppy programs. While I respect his tenacity and his refusal to hang up his skates, I really think he will be left off the World team this year. Weiss will finish, at best, fourth, and he won't make the World team, unless one of the above skaters self-destructs or is injured.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman
    Millyskate, which skater are you speaking about?

    Michael Weiss, sorry.

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    I wouldn't be surprised to see Parker Pennington back in the thick of competition. He withdrew this year from Nationals but the year before he placed 6th at Nationals. He has potential along with the others that have already been named.

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    Whee! I am so excited for the US Men this season!

    Johnny Weir - I hope he can build from last season - after all, he hasn't skated a full competitive season since 2000-01, right? I want him to focus on this year as a building block so that he will be a true contender in Torino.

    Tim Goebel - who knows what will happen this season? He's a great skater, and I hope he recovers from last season's problems. As an artist, he is miles blow Johnny, but he does have ok presentation, when he finds the right program. Just please don't make me watch American in Paris ever again - I'm sick of it!

    Mikey Weiss - As others have said, you kind of always know what yuo're getting from Weiss. But last season he skated some of his cleanest programs ever, and right now he's like Jen Robinson - won't necessarily be on the top of the podium, but able to ensure that the US makes a decent showing.

    Matt Savoie - it breaks my heart to say this, but I think he missed his time. His international scores have always reflected that judges are not impressed by his quad-less skills.

    Lysacek/Jahnke/Smith/Braniger - I feel like I'm still getting to know them. I think Lysacek is the best bet for a breakout year!


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    If Johnny can hold his own; Michael comes back to life, and Tim returns with a vengence, then which one will Evan knock out of the top three?

    American men may not be the best in the world but they are highly competitive among themselves. And I'd like to add, the best in the World should not understate their possible rise to the podium.


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    I would assume Weir and Lysacek to be on the top with Weiss and Goebel competing about the third place. Jahnke, Savoie, Smith and Brauninger will be competing about places 5-9. I have a strange feeling, could be wrong of course, LOL, that Goebel might be out.

    In 2005 Worlds Weir might be on the podium, or Lambiel could be there instead. Weir has though not jumped a quad in competition so far, and Lambiel had a quad in combination too.

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