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Thread: Should Sarah turn Pro

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    Should Sarah turn Pro

    Should she, Yes for me

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    Ogre Mage


    She should do what she feels is right for her. If she stays amateur, though, she needs to learn from her mistakes and not approach the season half-@$$ed like she did this year. If 2004 is a repeat of 2003 that would be disastrous.

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    Re: Should Sarah turn Pro

    It always strikes me odd how fickle skating fans are when a skater has a bad season especially after they have had an awesome season like Sarah had during the Olympics. It's almost like a baseball player or a hockey player going through a low period - everyone soon forgets them. I remember Karen Magnussen struggling one season and then being sidelined with two stress fractures in her legs - everyone kept saying she should "pack it in." Instead, Karen came back the following season and won the silver medal at the Olympics in Japan and then the World title in 1973. It was a good thing she did not let the "naysayers" influence her. I think the same with Sarah Hughes. Give the girl a break! She is still young in the skating world. She was not prepared for the Worlds this season like she was for the Olympics. Let's just wait and see! I'll be looking for Sarah next season.


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    Re: Should Sarah turn Pro

    No, I think she should stay eligible. She may not have had a great competition at Worlds but she still finished 6th. That's nothing to laugh at. If she trains hard she'll be a serious threat for gold next year.

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    Ogre Mage


    I'm not criticizing Sarah because she had a bad skate at worlds. That could happen to anyone. But I was disappointed in how unprepared she looked throughout the season, not just at worlds. I know I am in the minority, but I was not impressed with her skate at Nationals. The choreography was jumbled, her moves were unfinished, the constant start-stops in the program made it look extremely choppy. She did not seem to be in sync with the movements and overall had not addressed any of the problems with her skating.

    Like Sarah, Sasha Cohen also made several bad errors at worlds. But if you look at the quality of her choreography and overall performance, she clearly showed up ready to compete. Michelle skipped most of the season, but her skates showed no signs of rust. Because she withdrew from 4CC, I thought Sarah would show up to Worlds ready. Instead, she had all the same problems as she did at Nats, plus falls. Her skating looked extremely labored. She didn't seem to start to gel with the choreography until her free skate at worlds, and that's a bit late in the season to just be getting comfortable with her program.

    Sarah has a lot on her plate right now and is trying to make some big life decisions. But problems this season seem rooted in the fact that she was out of form, not just because it "wasn't her night." That is very dismaying.

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    Re: Sarah

    I thought she was even less prepared for Worlds than she was at Nationals. What was she doing during all those weeks?

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    Re: Sarah

    I can not understand what 'turning Pro' means. For me it seems that a figure skater, contender for more championships, should either join COI or SOI (if they would have them) and wait for 2 or 3 ProAm contests which one can still be an amateur.

    The popularity of the Pro skating era has long since gone. There is no more Tanya/Nancy. There are no more TV shows showing figure skaters in idiot costumes skating exclusively to rock and roll music. The public got bored with it. Maybe you didn't but I am afraid you are not going to find it on TV anymore. The bottom line is there are no sponsors for such nonsense. The ratings of ProSkating on TV sank!

    With that in mind (my beliefs), why should Sarah go Pro? She could get a medical degree and come back in 4 years and win at least a silver. This now has already happened.


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    Re: Sarah

    Should Sarah turn pro? Emphatically NO.
    Should Sarah stay eligible? Emphatically NO.

    Sorry to those of you who are her fans, but I have never been able to appreciate anything about her skating except the change-edge camel. I do love that, but it is the only thing I get about her skating. I have tried so hard to like her skating but I have given up. You just can't force yourself to love a skater.

    I would not be offended, hurt or feel like figure skating lost anything if she went on to school and did the doctor bit.

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    Re: Sarah

    I agree with Joe regarding the state of pro figure skating. It really doesn't exist anymore.

    Sarah was out of shape due to her injury. She was off ice for months. I think she looked much better at Worlds than she did at Nationals.

    Also, COI was a very long tour last year and cut into the normal prep time for all the skaters. I don't think Sasha skated at every stop. I think Tim G, MK and Sarah skated most of not all of the tour. MK was fortunate in 'taking it easy' and being able to train without injury. Tim G and Sarah both became injured very shortly after completion of the tour. Irina was also not in top physical condition after suffering illness after the tour - I can't remember if she had an injury,too - and then there was her mother's illness. All in all, we were very fortunate that they were able to perform at Grand Prix and/or World's.

    Sarah should stay if she wants to, but I think she's going to have to make sure she wants to compete because the world is fickle. If she has a poor season, her critics will really come out of the woodwork.

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    Re: Sarah

    I'll support her in anyway she chooses...

    really I hope she chooses to do whatever will be best for her education after high school... but she could wait a year before going to school and make a comeback in skating...

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    Re: Sarah

    People are too eager to write Sarah off, listing many of her faults at recent competitions.

    No excuses, just a fact. A knee injury is one of the most serious a skater can suffer. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury it can completely sideline you from even off ice training time.

    Why not give her a chance? She held 6th at Worlds, that's her 3rd top 10 finish and she is only 17 and she missed last years comp.

    Forget the Olympic Medal, Sarah has earned her place to compete with the ladies best. I noticed many poster's favorite skaters place far lower than Sarah and no one is suggesting that they retire or turn pro.

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    Re: Sarah

    MPal: hahaha, I totally agree with you. She should focus on college...she's obviously very bright.

    I also wouldn't necesarilly call 2002 a great "season" for her. It was a great olympics, but the season in general was definitely flawed.

    Just my opinion, and she should do whatever she wants to do. It's her skating, not mine.


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    Re: Sarah

    I don't think she will turn pro, if she is ready to leave elligible skating, she will go full force for college. I wish her the best. I hope she will stay a few more years to compete.

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    Allie Katz

    Re: Sarah ROCKS!!

    As I have said before, I think Sarah should tour with Stars on Ice for a year or two, then go to college full time (preferably Harvard because, well, it's HARVARD for gosh sakes!).

    I think she would have a great time touring with SOI; she'll turn 18 in May, and she seems mature for her age as it is. So I doubt she'd have any problems fitting in with the older cast like Tara did.

    I also think her style of skating - gutsy and athletic - would be an asset to SOI. And let's face it, SOI likes Olympic hardware for its marquee value. SOI *needs* Sarah. In return, she could make some mega-bucks for a year or two.

    I also don't think of Sarah as "fat" anymore, like I did at Nationals and at those pro-ams last December. Rather, I think her body has matured into a woman's body: At Worlds, it looked like she had lost the "excess" fat, but has retained the "womanly" fat. (I don't know if I explained that very well.)

    The only conflict I could imagine is if she has a long-term contract with the USFSA to appear in their televised pro-am competitions. Since the USFSA seems to be a "COI shop", I doubt Tom Collins would approve of a SOI skater being included in those events.

    Anyway, I think Sarah ROCKS and I love watching her Olympic long program when I'm feeling down. It is totally uplifting and inspiring!! Everyone was ignoring her and she went out and NAILED her program including those TWO eye-popping triple-triple combinations! (Yes, I know they were a little tiny bit underrotated, but it was still SO COOL.)

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    Re: Sarah ROCKS!!

    I also can't see her turn pro and I don't think she should join SOI because IMO she wouldn't fit in with the rest of the cast. Her skating lacks that maturity and final "polish" that make one a good show skater.

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