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Thread: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

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    Re: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

    Of course you didn't offend me, Kwansong. I was just goofing around. Trust me, no one named "Kwansong" could possibly say anything that I didn't like.:D


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    Jimmy Hoffa 2

    Re: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>skating doesn't lose true fans as a result of their favorite skater leaving...[/quote]
    If their favorite skater is forced out against his or her will, the way you want a certain skater to be, it will.

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    hirshey girl

    Re: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

    This is actually my first time posting here- I just had to reply. First off, for those who say that Michelle should retire to give others a chance, I 'd like to point out something. As a competitive athlete, you always want to succeed against "the best of the best". I bet that Tara treasures that OGM even more because she beat a clean Michelle in '98. I also bet if you ask Sarah and Sasha, they are proud of the fact that they competed and won their respective competitions (Olympics and GPF) against the top skaters (for Sarah, it was Michelle and Irina, Sasha- Irina). There was no "stepping aside" in winning either of these competitions- they did it with good skating. Another thing, Michelle is an athlete and figure skating is a sport (contrary to what some may think). As long as she is putting out programs like this year's Worlds, she should compete. If you really believe that figure skating is a sport, her decision to stay eligible should be respected.:D

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    Re: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

    I totally agree, Hirshey Girl. And welcome to the Forum. I hope you like it here.


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    Re: Reasons for Michelle Kwan to Retire

    I would also like to add, that I watched very little skating this season. I only watched Skate America, Nationals & Worlds, because Michelle was skating. And trust me, I sat through lots of silly made-up competitions over the years (I've got all the video tapes to prove it!).

    After the judging scandal at the Olympics, my husband and I were so disillusioned by what happened, we decided that we weren't going to watch skating this season. Well, I couldn't not watch Michelle, so I tuned in to only the events she skated in. Thats the power of Michelle. I love figure skating. But right now, if Michelle doesn't skate, I feel no connection to the skaters. I have no interest in any of the other skaters. So, when Michelle decides to step away from "amatuer" skating, so will I.

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    Behold the Power of Michelle

    International Figure Skating magazine's sales double when Michelle is on the cover.

    Go to a book store and count the covers of FS books with Michelle on them and then count the books with other skaters on them. Michelle is featured on more than any other skater. She also has a passel of bios written about her more than any other skater the last time I checked.

    Othes have given good examples of Michelle's drawing power. While skating would not end when Michelle retires the viewership will drop on TV & tours. I love almost all skating but no one touches me like Michelle. If i miss an event on TV that doesn't have Michelle in it I am not nearly as upset as when Michelle is there! to me she epitomizes what great skating is. She might not be the best in the world at any one thing but she among the best at them all and the very best at putting it all together into a harmonious whole.

    I know I am supposed to be thinking up silly reasons for her to retire but i am going to state one on why she should NOT until she actually wants too - because by having such a good skater competing she pushes others to work harder at all aspects of their skating so they can beat her. Michelle has worked harder to best others in the same way. Nicole Bobek had a glorious spiral so Michelle one-uped her with her change edge spiral. In 1994 MK had all the jumps , spins , etc. but not enough persentation to medal at worlds so she went home, worked her behind off and came back with 2 wonderful programs full of skills to merit high presentation marks and won over Chen Lu in one of the greatest ladies skating events ever! When LuLu finished I thought as much as I admired Michelle there was no way she could top that but she did!

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    Re: Behold the Power of Michelle

    "Now as for figure skating, speaking as an outsider, I so often hear people questioning Michelle's decision to stay when no one suggests it's time Irina, Fumie, Elena quit."

    This was posted on another thread that has been closed. I just want to mention that so many people have suggested Fumie should retire since she won the World bronze last year. They say she is past her prime (after NHK and GP Final this season), being held up by judges (after Nationals, Four Continents and Worlds this year), and taking away spots from younger skaters (all the time).

    So if she wins she is held up, if she loses she is a wash-up. And she is "taking away opportunities from younger skaters" by placing high in Worlds and securing spots for Japanese ladies year after year... I mean, could it get any more ridiculous? If Ota, Nakano or Ando deserves a spot in Worlds next year, let them beat Fumie or Shizuka or Yoshie at Nationals. After all, they have three spots, thanks to a skater who "should have retired"...

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    Re: Behold the Power of Michelle

    Reasons Michelle Should Retire........

    Her programs (with the exception of her straight-line footwork)<span style="text-decoration:underline">all look the same to me</span> only the costumes and the music seem to change - do something new!!

    As far as competition goes, I agree with the majority - may the best skater win (no matter what their age is!) If I were an athlete I'd want to know that I'd won against the best competition out there!

    O.K......go ahead and blast me. I'm not a "troll" and I think Michelle has <strong>loads</strong> of talent and skill - sometimes I just like to see skaters branch out and try something really new (that includes Irina, who is my favorite.) But perhaps that's secret to Michelle's great success - she sticks to what has worked well for her in the past - why mess with success??

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    Re: Behold the Power of Michelle

    "Why mess with success?" That was the question everyone was asking after MK left Frank...

    If you think about it, almost every skater's programs look the same on the surface. Sasha's Carmen and Rach are both front loaded with in your face tricks. All of Irina opera LPs have the same basic elements (even the same spin combo in all of her programs), Michelle skates and jumps and always doing 4 spins and the Triple Lutz at the end. However, if you would actually take Sasha's, Irina's, and Michelle's programs and evaluate them, then you can see differences.

    IMO, none of MK's programs have looked the same too me (with the exception of maybe Salome and Taj Mahal)

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    SKater's programs

    Most skaters programs start to look the same over time. Each skater has a certain way of moving that can become predictable. After you've watched for a while, you can predict the jump, you know what the spiral and spin will look like. That doesn't mean that it's bad skating.

    This was especially noticeable during Improv On Ice. All the skaters utilized certain signature moves. I love Kristi and Paul W, but many of their programs looked the same by the time they retired as pros.

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    Re: Behold the Power of Michelle

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>Her programs (with the exception of her straight-line footwork)all look the same to me only the costumes and the music seem to change - do something new!![/quote]

    For the LP, I might agree with that assessment to a point, but I disagree when it comes to the SP. "The Feeling Begins" was, to me, something very different from Michelle. More power and attitude. Someone else called it "menacingly sexy" on another board. I think she finally got the message that she didn't have to be a polite princess during her performances, just OFF the ice. :lol:

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    Re: SKater's programs

    Good points, <span style="text-decoration:underline">but it's still refreshing sometimes to see something really different from our favorites</span>. I think that's why I liked Irina's "Cowgirl" program so well. Of course, she would never do that program in competition, but it was great to at least see it as a exhibition program.

    All skaters have their trademark moves that we come to expect, but if I want to see the same old thing <span style="text-decoration:underline">everytime</span>, I can just pop in one of my videos!

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    Re: SKater's programs

    What would you call MK's more upbeat SPs "Romanza", "A Day in the Life" and "Rush"? They aren't exactly the same ol' same ol'. One could make an argument for "Miraculous Mandarin" as well b/c it was so out there that not many ppl got it.

    If you're talking about exhibitions, then MK did a couple of specials to more upbeat generic pop music.

    Edited to Add: I agree Maxell..a Russian judge called her performance from SA "Orgasmic". That doesn't sound like the same ol' same ol' to me.

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    Re: Behold the Power of Michelle

    if people want michelle to retire so they can win, how about compete against michelle and they can beat her fair and square it will mean more...other than that the win will be meaningless...if you can still win and you have the ambition to skate why not do it. no one likes to be told what to do, it you people were skaters, you wouldn't like it don't go are just jealous and hating :rollin: <img src= ALT=":\">

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    REasons Michelle should retire

    {all joking as I am a Kwan fan who wants to see her skating as long as she herself is willing)

    She wins too often, stop hogging the medals!
    She looses too often look at the olympics, she is obviously washed up.
    She is too old decrepit crone of the ice (never mind that Sokolova, Liashenko, Jen Robinson, Irina Slutskaya are all older)
    Her programs all too happy a la Lyra Angelica - do something different!

    Her programs are all too depressing a la The Red Violin - do something different!

    Her programs are all to strange and unique a la Miraculous Mandarin, The Red Violin, Ariane - do something more main stream, more familiar

    Her programs are all to main stream, more familiar - Aranjuez, Carmen , Sheherezade. Do something out of the ordinary!

    Or just go here and print out this generic multiple choice form and check the boxes that apply to why Michelle should stop skating:

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