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  • Krylova & Ponomarenko

    5 4.76%
  • Alexei Yagudin

    24 22.86%
  • Irina Slutskaya

    24 22.86%
  • Langlois & Archetto

    10 9.52%
  • Michelle Kwan

    37 35.24%
  • Other

    5 4.76%
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Thread: Favourite Tosca

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    Quote Originally Posted by katherine2001
    I thought Viktor's Tosca program was one of his best pro programs. The music and the program were just perfect for him. I have at least two of his performances of it on video (I think they were from Legends and World Pros).
    I agree. The ones I have are from world pros and ice wars. That kind of program really suits him. I wish he had not gotten into skating some silly programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diver chick
    I think Alexei's Tosca had the potential to be his best program ever - unfortunately it came too late in the season and for whatever reason he decided not to keep it for the following season to work on it.
    He doesn't like to keep programs from one season to another. Also, apparently, Tosca isn't exactly one of his favorite programs LOL

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    Favorite Tosca

    Michelle Kwan took my breath away her Tosca. The music is so inspiring and MK certainly did this program justice.


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    Michelle Kwan! All the way!

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    Well since I didn't see the other Toscas, I would have to go with Michelle's by default
    With '04 Nationals though. The passion of the program just completely blew me away. It was amazing to see how she was able to carry it out throughout the whole program, culminating to a climax at the end with the footwork. Despite how it was empty in some parts, I think she was able to carry it off overall with the passion. Heck, I didn't even notice it until afterwards because I was so spellbound by the music and with how she was skating to it.
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    MK's Tosca got my vote, though IMHO I'm still waiting for a good Tosca programme. My second choice was L&A's Tosca (she had the facials right; I remember they kept zooming in and showing her "Tosca grimace", lol)

    Yags skated an honest Tosca, but the only time I saw it was at '00 Worlds where it was kind of a splatfest.

    I didn't care for Petrenko's Tosca; the bloody shirt thing seemed like too much of a gimmick to me

    Callas may be the quintessential Tosca female, but I submit that all of you should snag a recording of British opera singer Russell Watson singing some of the male parts, especially the "E Lucevan Le Stelle".......OMG!

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    I voted Michelle Kwan.

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    Alexei got my vote.
    Michelle's was a very and I mean very close 2nd!

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