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Thread: Custom Avatars?

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    Custom Avatars?

    Im just wondering when I can get my custom avatar?
    Is it when I have a certain number of posts ?

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    Hi, LutzGurl. When you get 25 posts (you've got 21 now!) you can select an avatar from the ones that Golden Skate has in it's data bank. There are lots of them, featuring several pictures of most of the poplular skaters. Go to "User CP," then "Edit Avatar." After you have 25 posts the pictures will be visible for you to click on.

    After you have 100 posts you can, if you want, send in your own custom avatar that you make yourself. Send it by email to Paula (GS administrator). You can read about these rules by going "Quick Links," then scoll down to "Forum Guidelines."

    Mathman (moderator)

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