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Thread: Researching Skating Programs

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    Question Researching Skating Programs

    I am working on converting my skating tapes to DVD and while I was at it, I decided to make the mammoth project even bigger. I am trying to organize a database of the event, date, skaters, program, coaches and choreographers so I can quickly look for any skater or any program from any choreographer.

    I have some holes in the information I have on DVD so far. I am trying to research on the internet but it can be slow. I was hoping some of you might have this information at hand from memory. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    1976 US Nationals and Olympics
    Dianne de Leeuw - SP & LP Music, Coach and Choreographer
    Dorothy Hamill - Choreographer
    Linda Fratianne - LP Choreographer (Scherazade)
    Wendy Burge - LP Music, Coach and Choreographer
    Erika Taylforth & Colin Talyforth - SP Music, Coach and Choreographer
    Irina Rodnina & Alexander Zaitsev - SP & LP Music and Choreographer
    Manuela Gross & Uwe Kagelmann - SP & LP Music, Choreographer and Coach
    Tai Babilonia & Randy Garnder - SP & LP Music, Choreographer and Coach
    Romy Kermer & Folr Oesterreich - SP & LP Music, Choreographer and Coach
    David Santee - SP & LP Music, choreographer and Coach
    Jan Hofman - SP & LP Music, Choreographer and Coach
    John Curry - Rachmaninoff ???
    Sergei Volkov - SP & LP Music, Choreographer and Coach
    Terry Kubicka - SP Music and choreographer
    Toller Cranston - SP Music
    Vladimir Kovalev - SP & LP Music, choreographer and Coach
    Colleen O'Conner & Jim Milns - FD Music, choreographer and Coach
    Judi Genovesi & Kent Weigle - FD Music, choreographer and Coach
    Susan Kelley & Andrew Stroukoff - FD Music, choreographer and Coach

    1998 Olympics
    Zagorska and Siudek - SP Choreogrpaher (Swan Lake)
    Kyoko Ina & Jason Dungjen - SP Choregorapher (Kodo Drums) and Coach
    Mandy Woetzel & Ingo Steuer - SP Choreographer (Enya - No Holly,,,)
    Peggy Schwartz & Mirko Muller - SP choreographer (Eric Clapton - Preludin...)

    2003 Grand Prix Events
    Larisa Spielberg & Craig Joeright - SP Choreographer (Indochine) and Coach
    Chengjiang Li - LP Choreographer (Legend of the Glass Mountain) and Coach
    Song Gao - LP Choreographer (The Man in the Iron Mask)
    Min Zhang - SP Choreographer (Lawrence of Arabia)
    Marie-France Dubreuil & Patrice Lauzon - FD Choreographer (Pasquale Camarlengo)

    2004 Worlds Exhibitions
    Denkova and Staviyski - Choreographer for Cold Song
    Brian Joubert - Exhibition (Love's Devine) Choreographer
    Carolina Kostner - J'taime Encore Choreographer (Megan Smith??)
    Kati Winkler & Rene Lohse - Choreographer
    Miki Ando - Choreographer
    Qing Pang & Jiang Tong - Choreographer for "The Prayer"
    Shizuka Arakawa - Choreographer for "If I Had My Way"
    Stefan Lindemann - Choreographer
    Navka & Kostomarov - Choreographer of Austin Powers

    20043-4 Synchronized Skating
    Crystalletes (US) - Coach and Choreographer
    Elan (US) - Coach and Choreographer
    Haydenettes (US) - Choreographer
    Fusion (Canada) - Coach and Choreographer
    Marigold Ice Unity (Finland) - Coach and Choreographer
    Miami Univeristy (US) - Coach and Choreographer
    Rockettes (Finland) - Coach and Choreographer
    Team Surprise (Sweden) - Coach and Choreographer
    Western Michigan University - Coach and Choreographer

    2004 Ice Wars
    Choreographers and Coaches (if any) for all the skaters
    Kurt Browning
    Victor Petrenko
    Nicole Bobek
    Oksana Baiul
    Sale & Pelltier

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    I know 2 off the top of my head
    Brian Joubert's 04 Exhibition music was Love's Devine
    Michelle Kwan's choreographer for Fallin' is Brian Wright.

    Hope that helps

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    I want Plushenkofest

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    2004 Worlds Exhibitions

    Brian Joubert - Exhibition music and Choreographer
    Love's Divine by Seal

    Evgeny Plushenko - Exhibition music and Choreographer
    Hafanana by Afric Simone
    Beethoven's fifth by Edvin Marton

    Shizuka Arakawa - Music and Choreographer
    "If I had my way" by Celine Dion

    Stefan Lindemann - Music, Choreographer and Coach
    Coach: Ilona Schindler
    Music: don't know the name but it was a Seal song

    Setphane Lambiel - Coach
    Coach: Peter Gruter

    2004 Marshalls
    Irina Slutskaya - LP Choreographer (Lady of Spades) and Coach
    Choreogrpaher: Igor Bobrin
    Coach: Zhanna Gromova (although at Marshalls she was not there and Mishin do the coach that day)

    Miki Ando - Choreographer (Firebird) and Coach
    Coach: Nobuo Sato, Kumiko Sato
    Choreographer: Lea Ann Miller

    Those are the ones I have in my head at the moment, hope it helps

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    Thank You! I love filling in the holes in my database. I sometimes think I'm just a little too organized.

    I'm editing out the answered ones so people don't have to duplicate them.

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    Just a few from 76.
    Curry was his own choreographer and was coached by the Fassi's. His SP was to Rachmaninov IIRC

    Cranston was his own choreographer too I think and was coached by Ellen Burka.

    R&Z were coached by Tarasova.
    Will need to watch the tape to figure out the music.

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    dear MPal2,
    as far as I remember - Choreographers for Zhenia Plushenko's exhibitions at Worlds 2004 were Kirill Cyromiatnikov, Yuri Stepin and Edwald Smyrnov.

    Libra - from Russia, with love

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    Wow, mpal, that's a great list! How'd you get all that stuff from 1976 and do you have anything else that rare? Would it be possible for you to make video clips from the DVDs to share with other fans?

    Dorothy Hamill - SP Seahawk & LP Music Seahawk, Captain Blood, and Anna Karenina soundtracks

    Toller Cranston - LP Music I haven't seen his 76 LP, but I remember reading it was "Vesti la Giubba" from Leoncavallo's "I Pagliacci"

    [size=2]1998 Olympics
    Zagorska and Siudek - Coach Iwona Mydlarz-Chruscinska

    Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze - SP Choreographer (Swan Lake) Their LP that year was by Alexander Matveev, so possible this is as well.

    Jenni Meno & Todd Sand - SP Choreographer (Pomp & Circumstance) Lee Ann Miller and Coach John Nicks

    Mandy Woetzel & Ingo Steuer - SP Choreographer (Enya) The song is called "No Holly for Miss Quinn" and it is by Enya and Coach Monika Scheibe

    Marina Eltsova & Andrei Bushkov - SP Choreographer (Cornish Rhapsody) Svetlana Korol and Coach Natalia Pavlova

    Oksana Kazakova & Artur Dimitriev - SP Choreographer (Sprach Zarathustra) 99% sure it was Alexander Matveev

    Peggy Schwartz & Mirko Muller - SP choreographer (Eric Clapton) Diana Goolsbey. The music is called "Fugue Preludium" btw. and Coach Knut Schubert

    Sarah Abitbol & Stephane Bernadis - Coach Stanislav Leonovitch

    Xue Shen & Hongbo Zhao - SP Choreographer (Zigeunerweisen - Sarasate) From what I understand, during the late 90s they used to choreograph their own programs together with their coach Yao Bin.

    [size=2]2003 Grand Prix Events
    Galina MAniachenko - LP Choreographer (Musa Ler) Dmitry Dmitrenko and Coach Galina Kukhar

    [size=2]2004 Worlds Exhibitions
    Denkova and Staviyski - Exhibition music They called the program "In Heaven," but the music is "Cold Song" by Klaus Nomi

    Carolina Kostner - Exhibition music "J'taime Encore" by CelineDion, Choreographer Megan Smith is her usual choreographer, although I'm not sure she did that particular program and Coach Michael Huth

    Evgeny Plushenko - Choreographer for Beethoven's Fifth I understand that this was just him improvising with Edwin Marton

    Kati Winkler & Rene Lohse - Coach Martin Skotnicky

    Miki Ando - Music "Carmen Jones" soundtrack, Coach Nobuo Sato

    Shizuka Arakawa - Choreographer for "If I Had My Way" I don't know, but she had this program before going to Tarasova, if that helps

    Stefan Lindemann - Music "Don't Make Me Wait Too Long" by Seal

    Setphane Lambiel - Choreographer This Shakira program was his SP earlier in the season that he dropped, so it was probably his usual choreographer, Salome Brunner

    Belbin & Agosto - Choreographer of Elvis Medley This was their FD before, so I believe it was Igor Schpilband

    2004 Ice Wars
    Berezhnaya & Skiharulidze Tamara Moskvina of course, as coach. The "Let Me Fall" program was choreographed by Gorsha Sur. "Meadowlands" was done by Christopher Dean and Moskvina.

    Maria Petrova & Alexei Tikhonov's coach for 2003-2004 season Lyudmila Velikova

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    Sarah Abitbol & Stephane Bernadis - SP choreographer (ultra techno) and Coach
    Allen Schram (spelling ?) may be the choreographer since they were working together that year.
    Coach : Jean-Roland Racle (They moved to Stanislas Leonovitch a year later)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mpal2
    2004 Ice Wars
    Choreographers and Coaches (if any) for all the skaters
    Kurt Browning
    Victor Petrenko
    Brian Boitano
    Ilia Kulik
    Nicole Bobek
    Oksana Baiul
    Berezhnaya & Skiharulidze
    Sale & Pelltier
    BTW, it should read 2003 Ice Wars. Ilia Kulik´s programmes

    - Technical: Nutcracker (act 1)
    - Artistic: A House Is Not A Home

    Both programmes are choreographed by Ilia himself (as far as I know) and he has had no coach after the 1998 Olympics.

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    Just remembered Terry Kubica's coach was none other that Evy Scotvold and his LP music was a medley to Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

    Cher, there's quite a few traders in the States now with the 76 Olys. I don't think anyone will be making clips for a while as it's still rare, but IMO it's well worth getting intouch with someone who trades or makes copies. If only to see Voderozova aged 12 - wow she was amazing!!!!!

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    For 2003 Ice Wars:
    Brian Boitano's programs "Cliffhanger" and "Persistance of Time" were choreographed by David Liu. The music was written by Darren Wilsey for Boitano. Boitano is (and always has been) coached by Linda Leaver.

    I can't wait for the day when I can get all of my old videotapes on DVD. What an undertaking, though. Good Luck!

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    Thanks everyone, you guys are amazing

    Cherub, I don't have any way to host video clips. As Floskate suggested, I got the 76 Olympics from tape trades.

    Just getting to see John Curry alone made it worth it. I had only heard about him before and actually getting to see him just gave me goosebumps. He was amazing!

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