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Thread: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

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    Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    I watched the ladies free skate of Worlds on Saturday. When watching Carolina Kostner, I thought, "What's all the shouting about?".

    This skater does not seem to be of a finished quality. She seems to remind me more of a Latitia Hubert or Vanessa Gusermoli. These were both talented skaters with consistency problems. They had respectable careers. However, they were not in the league of Katerina Witt or Oksana Baiul.

    I could be wrong. The first time I saw Irina S. I was not that impressed(incredibly sloppy) with her skating(still not overwhelmed in that area) or consistency. Her development of consistency is the biggest factor in her improvement and longevity.

    Sarah Hughes was another skater that underwhelmed this poster. I had thought that she would always be #2-#4 in the US because of Naomi Nari Nam and Sasha Cohen.

    BTW I'm not underwhelmed by Miss Kostner because of her placement or the skate of that evening. You can see the WOW factor in Sasha Cohen even in an off evening.

    So, what's so great...?

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    She had an excellent SP especially in the technical. The girl can jump and spin. You are right though, too much praise that is not yet earned. She's a work in progress and with a lot of promise.


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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    After seeing her Euros freeskate on TV, I kept telling the people sitting in my section that this Italian girl was the next big thing. Then she skated in Qualifying - YIKES! Very poor performance. Her short was great, but her free just was nowhere near her skate at Euros.

    She's still in the 'potential' category for me.

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    I normally just lurk but I have to jump in on this one.

    I saw Carolina skate live at Euros and I was struck by how soft and elegant a skater she was. She has an almost Sasha Abt like qaulity about her skating and had beautiful technique on her jumps and spins.

    I agree though that too much hype too soon - she is very talented and time will tell whether she will be the 'great skater' a lot of commentators are saying she will. She needs to develop more expression and consistancy. And of course all if she grows too much in the wrong way then she might never make it.

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    The real issue with Carolina is what's going to happen when she matures with those 3/3s. She is very coltish, and I don't know if she can keep those incredible combos are she gets older. She does have a nice quality though, she was good during the Worlds SP.

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    I dunno whether she will be the next great one, but I am very impressed with her.

    I don't know how much figures training she has, maybe even none, but those lovely edges, and flow!!!

    She may fill out and lose some of her jumps, but I don't think her basics will deteriorate with time.

    <span style="color:red;font-size:medium;">Congratulations Fumie</span>

    <span style="color:red;font-size:x-small;">eltamina, totally mesmerized by Fumie's edges</span>

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    I noticed that her jumping technique (body position very tight) is very good. She is still young and skates young. I hope she can remain injury free and develope more.

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    berthes ghost

    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    "She seems to remind me more of a Latitia Hubert or Vanessa Gusermoli."

    I don't see the similarity at all. As much as I love them (especially Latitia) neither ever really gave a stunning performance. Not to mention the fact neither ever really improved as they aged. Carolina is still a kid, time will tell.

    I think that the main reason that so many have been hyping Carolina is that her best performance of the season was her most viewed (Euros LP). If she had skated at Euros like she did at Jr Worlds or JGPF, I bet there would be a lot less gushing. Although the online gushing can get a little far fetched at times, I still think that Carolina is one to watch, for many of the reasons already posted by others above.

    "You can see the WOW factor in Sasha Cohen even in an off evening."

    Speak for yourself. Even after seeing her live when she won Lalique, I failed to be dusted by the magic so many on-liners seem to be drunk on. The first minute of her 03 worlds LP and her exhibition were the first ever time I actually even considered her mildly interesting.

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    What it always comes down to is preference of style. Carolina has great jumps but her style doesn't grab me. However, she is young like so many people have pointed out and has an opportunity to grow into an artistic skater. Personally I just don't see the "wow" factor in her skating.


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    I hope they don't overly hype this young girl. I remember a few years ago, ELizabeth Kwon (a novice then) was being dubbed the next great one (maybe because of how you pronounce her last name! LOL), and she ended up retiring, and finishing, I think, no higher than 16th at Nationals. ANother one is Julia Lautowa, who finished 8th at WOrlds in 1997- she reminds me of Carolina Kostner now- Julia finished out of the top ten at worlds this year.

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    Re: Hi

    There is too much pressure on her if people are declaring her to be a future champion and Chaignee, I hope THAT doesn't happen to her...

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    Re: Carolina Kostner...the next great skater?

    I hope Caroline will be a consistent skater in the future. Above all, her jumps are very, very good. She has good spins, although she really has to work on the free leg in the layback. Her layback is not nearly as bad as some of the other girls, but it does need some work. People are saying that her presentation is lacking. He carriage is very nice. I find her presentation is very pleasant, it just more subdued that the other girls. Unlike so many of the other girls, I'm glad she doesn’t contort her face like she is trying to pass gas during the more dramatic pieces indicating that she is really feeling their music. Although she on the plain side I find she has an interesting face.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Carolina and Julia

    I agree with the concensus so far. I missed her Euro performance but heard plenty of raves. Her free skate at Worlds was disappointing, but there was promise there. Definitely not as much promise as some have so enthusiastically touted. She may or may not get there, she is 16 and needs to work on the nerves. She can land the jumps, but when she's in direct contention for important medals (World Jrs. and Worlds) she seems to have lost focus. So, my best wishes to her, I was encouraged by the fact that she did have a lovely edge quality and at least pleasing presentation.
    And I remember Julia Lautowa, I was so impressed by her at the 97 Worlds! She was exciting and put so much personality into her performance. And that lutz, it was beautiful! I'm so sorry to know that she's been nowhere near a podium of importance since then. She's hanging in there though. LOL, that reminds me of Shizuka, she's been around just as long. Is she retiring? I hope not, I was hoping to see her in the final free skating group at a World Championship.

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    Re: Carolina and Julia

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;"><strong>
    I really like Carolina and I would hope to see
    her be the next big thing and I cannot wait
    to see her develop and mature as a skater
    she is very elegant and she doesn't have those
    extra movements that some skaters have </strong></span>

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Carolina and Julia

    I think that Carolina is already a good skater. She is very graceful and I like the way that she moves. Good luck to Carolina! :D

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