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Thread: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

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    John King

    Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Go to and click onto the thumbnails (as well as 197,198 & 199.jpg).WOW!Has she ever matured as a beauty!(An interview accompanies it,but it is in Russian,and my efforts to translate it through Babelfish have been unsuccessful).

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    John King


    That URL should be ,and all the thumbnails should be sportclub ,not sportsclub.Oh well.....

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    Kara Bear


    wow, I wish I could read Russian. But what a sexy pic!

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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Thanks John! Those are beautiful pictures! :D

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Cupcake and Cheesecake... a perfect PERFECT combination. For food. *lolz*

    Cupcake looks so pretty in the piccies. At 23, she is mature and old enough to pose like this. Hee hee.

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    [c]<font color="#0000FF"><font size=4>[b]I'll make it easy for everyone. This is basically a pictorial of Elena Sokolova dressed as characters from various different Disney cartoons. To see her dressed as the Little Murmaid, click on <a href="" target="_new">THIS</a>. To see her dressed as Princess Jasmine, click on <a href="" target="_new">THIS</a>. Finally, to see her with ugly eyebrow make-up, getting eaten by a bunch of coral snakes, click on <a href="" target="_new">THIS</a>. Now that We've all seen this side of Elena and Maria, can Irina and Vikka pictorials be far behind?<font size=2>

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Thanks Idleracer!

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Can someone tell me why she is referred to as Cupcake? This has been making me a crazy woman trying to figure it out. TY in advance


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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    I'm with you on the crazy 'why'....I know Dick Button said it first, as I'm sure everybody heard on the worlds coverage. Also I'm guessing pretty, sweet, diminutive (pat on head)reference, and tasty. The last bit has several levels of meaning that we do not need to disscuss here, politically incorrect Dick and all. Not that I think he meant to be rude, though.

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Actually, those are not from Disney characters, they are from Ancient Greek Mythology characters. It’s not Mermaid – it’s Aphrodite; not Princess Jasmine – Danae, the picture with snakes is Medusa (in the interview there is actually an explanation of the bad eye make-up on that).

    <font size=6>Elena Sokolova: Mom is tired of counting my suitors</font>
    <font size=4>
    “Wow, what an angel! What a sincere sunny smile! I haven’t seen anything like that for a while!,” my colleague was gushing at the shining debutante of the European championships at Malmo, the silver medallist Elena Sokolova.

    23-year old Muscovite buts into the team still very young in 1998, won the bronze at Nationals, and became 7th in Nagano. And then she disappeared… Almost for five years. Injuries, lack of self confidence, change of coach.

    The editors thank the stores “Wild orchid” and “Marks” for the garments.

    Getting ready for a photo session with “Helen the Fair” at six in the morning, I was expecting to see someone tired of fights fate. Having arrived, I compassionately looked on, as she, dressed as Leda, fought off the advances of the angry biting woken-up-much-too-early swan. An hour later she sat, blue from cold, in a light top and pantaloons waiting for the decorator who was running late with the golden rain for the picture “Danae”. Finally, when the session moved from the opulent Yusupof palace to the covered sauna in China Town (note: in Moscow, there is a part of town called “China Town”, I do not know where the name came from, but there is definitely nothing Chinese there), she could not take it any further. “This is it. I can’t play the ‘good girl’ any longer! I want to have fun, to be a brat, to finally let all my energy fly!!!” A barrage of anecdotes and sharp jokes followed. As it turns out, you don’t mess around with this little angel.

    Elena was nervous. Ahead of her was an ice-cold pool for the scene of Aphrodite coming out of foam, and the snakes for Medusa.

    “Lena, who are you after all”, I asked the skater a few days later. “Good girl or bad girl?”

    “A bad girl of course!”, she laughs. “It is boring to always be the same. I can be a cute little child, but I can also be a storming fury”.

    “What about on the ice?”

    “There, I am a masochist. I am willing to tear myself to pieces to get the results.

    But overall I am a homey girl. I like to seat in a lazy chair with a book. But once I get out, I immediately want adventure, movement, action. For example, playing paintball! Shooting, you have to admit, is not a normal womanly pastime!”, she smiles, happy whith her answer.

    “The more bruises the better?”

    “Absolutely! I don’t do it on purpose or anything, it just turns out like that. Though I will always think about consequences before doing anything”.

    “Do crazy things, but think them through?”

    “Precisely. I love dance clubs. Unfortunately, by 11 or 12 I get sleepy – I have to maintain the schedule. I can easily dance with the stick. But I would never climb on the table and start a strip tease. Everything has to have limits. Normally, I shock myself more than I do those around me. For example, I dared myself for that photo shoot with the snakes. I cannot say that I am terrified of them. But the tension was on the border. It’s some kind of an animalistic fear.

    “Yeah, I remember your tears just wouldn’t stop. Make-up artist kept fixing the make-up”.

    “Ohhh, when those snakes started crawling all over me… Victor Goryachev did not have to ask me to have a glassy stare. For a long time afterwards I could not shake the feeling I kept a little snake on me. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night, put my feet down on the floor, and suddenly something mover. I almost screamed! Turns out it was my huge cat. Well, what is there to talk about, my life is ‘shock, action!’ Two years ago I got up and moved to St. Petersburg…”

    “To train with Alexei Mishin?”

    “It was a difficult decision any way you look at it. Leaving Victor Kudryavtsev, with whom I have worked for many years. Being alone in a strange city. I am a being, basically unsuited for day-to-day difficulties. Mom and Dad always shielded me. My parents tried to help to there as well. They would come over every weekend, and cooked for me for the whole week. But I was too lazy to even go to the kitchen to warm it up. I became so thin, I couldn’t jump. The one thing I cannot live without at home is cleanliness and order.”

    “So you don’t feel you waist your time on clean-up?”

    “Absolutely. Cleanliness is the bare minimum I need to live comfortably. It gets ridiculous sometimes: I have a place for every plate: saucers, small plates, regular plates, the bug plates. Of course, if somebody puts something in the wrong place I don’t say anything, but you can’t imagine how hard it is!”

    “Ultimately, you had to leave Mishin?”

    “It’s hard to work with someone you don’t trust. Most of the time he spent on ice was not with me…”

    “Well, Evgenij Plushenko was at first in a similar situation. In Alexei Nikolaevich’s group there were many more important skaters – Urmanov, Yagudin.

    “Zhenya was 11, he could wait. I don’t have that much time in the elite sport”.

    What were your major differences with Mishin?

    “I cannot follow without a peep. I always have to be a part of the process, I have to suggest things. We are a part of the same team after all! At first, Alexei Nikolaevich was intrigued by my aggressiveness, by my strong masculine character. However, when he realized it wasn’t a game, it was how I worked, he tried breaking me. That is hopeless, as I have formed as an individual a long time ago. Also, I wasn’t happy that Mishin’s style involves always being with his athletes, including off the ice. I can’t always thing of figure skating! I have to be able to switch to something else. Also, I don’t like involving anyone else in my personal life”.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    “I like to hang out with friends, go to a Japanese restaurant, or go bowling. When I am in a bad mood, I get behind the wheel. That has a great calming effect. You immediately understand that being aggressive can put your life in danger. The pavement murmurs under the wheels, the wind whistles in the ears, the music blasts from all speakers… I love going to the movies. [Here, she lists the movies she likes. Some of them are Russian, and the American ones she names – she mentions only their Russian names, so I don’t know what she is talking about, so I am skipping that.] I like English-language literature. First in translation, then in English. It’s more fun this way.”

    What literary characters can you relate to

    “Esmeralda in Hugo’s ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’. She is just like me. Playful, sensual, and way to bitchy. More so than I, “ she laughs. “Hopefully, the end of our stories will be different”.

    “So, it’s not a accidental that one of your programs was set to the music from ‘Hunchback’?”

    “I guess.”

    [ Then follows a huge segment where they talk about her love life, past and present, she also talks about being a “bad girl” in school. She also says she was the prom queen, and her boyfriend the prom king. Now, her boyfriend is Oleg Ovsyannikov (Russian figure skater who was big in the 80’s who now lives and coaches in San Diego) ]

    Irina Lobacheva has a toy that she carries with her to all competitions since she was 7. Do you have a talisman?

    “No. I believe in God. I carry with me a little icon. By the way, by Baptism was very fateful. I was 6 months old when by grandma brought me to a village church. The priest liked me so much that, contrary to the church rules, he first baptized me instead of a boy. Throughout the ceremony, I kept trying to yank his beard. He laughed and said, ‘Hmm, Elena, I guess you will be a dancer!’”


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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Ptichka, Thanks for the article translation. It was worth reading for the insights about what working with Mishin was like and why Elena left him.


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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:comic sans ms;font-size:x-small;"><strong>
    she is a very beautiful young lady
    I agree the parts with Mishin were very interesting
    not to sound mean but I am glad she left him
    and went to her current coach
    he seems like a very nice guy </strong></span>

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    Ptichka, thanks for the translation and she looks scary in that snake photo...

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    Re: Cupcake in Cheesecake shots!

    <blockquote style="padding-left:0.5em; margin-left:0; margin-right:0; margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0; border-left:solid 2">not to sound mean but I am glad she left him
    and went to her current coach
    he seems like a very nice guy</blockquote>
    I don't think it's mean at all. I think athlete/coach connection is very special, and not every athlete can work with every coach. Just look at how Angela has blossomed with Cherkessova (sp?), but has not had much success with Carol, even though he is definitely a wornderful coach. Probably she needs a coach who is more involved with her on a personal level. On the other hand, not everyone good work with TT, probably because she is too involved with her skaters, and some prefer more distance. At some point I recall Kulik leaving Kudryavtsev to train with TT because he felt he was not getting the attention he needed (one of the reasons Elena left Mishin.). It does seem that Sokolova/ Kudryavtsev is a good match.

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