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Thread: A little gossip on the side

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    A little gossip on the side

    Stephane and Carolina seem to be a twosome. They were spotted together a lot watching the competitions. He's 17; she's 15. Everyone approves but no facts available.

    Anyone know more about their friendship?


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    Re: A little gossip on the side

    she's 16...but I don't know about their relationship.

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    Geneva Fan

    Stephan and Carolina

    Stephane and Carolina met last summer in Obertsdorf, Germany where they were both training. The Italian Federation had thought of sending her to Geneva to train with Stephane's coach, Peter Grutter, but it was decided that she should go to Germany since she speaks Italian and German (she is from north Italy). Stephane is from the Canton of Valais and speaks French and some English...not sure about his German.

    I have known Stephane since he was 13 and was at World's in Washington. His preliminary skate was stunning. Too bad that more people could not see it. He got a standing ovation and said he had never skated better in his life.

    His birthday is today and he turns 18. He and Carolina are good, hand-holding friends. I may be wrong, but I think both of them finished 10th at World's! Both have great futures!

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    Re: Stephan and Carolina

    Thanks Geneva Fan for the information.

    I also saw Stephane's standing ovation skate during the Qualifying Round at the Worlds. He will be a top contender soon if he can come up with that kind of skating consistently.

    Carolina did do an excellent SP skate but she still needs some style to her skating. I have high hopes for her.

    I heard she lives about an hour and a half from the Arena in Torino where the Olys will be held. Is that true"


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    Princess Leppard 625

    Re: Stephan and Carolina

    I saw them holding hands after her SP skate, and Mishin was teasing Stephane about chasing young girls (Mishin, me, my two friends and Stephane were in the elevator) and Stephane pulled his jacket over his head, as if to hide. It was very cute.

    They look darling together, by the way.



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    Tony Wheeler

    Stephane & Carolina

    Yes, they are a couple!

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    Stephane & Carolina

    Where is your report from the World Championships? I haven't been on the computer much. Did I miss it? I hope you had a great time. Next time the World's come to Costa Mesa California, I'm going. You could bring your kitty to meet Little Lulu.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Stephane & Carolina

    I just found your report. I didn't have to look far. Ok, I'm going back to read your review.
    Daniel and Little Lulu

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    Nadya Lyubova

    Re: Stephane & Carolina

    I heard they're a couple from people who have seen them at Euros and elsewhere I think, and it seems to be an official thing. By the way, Stéphane's German is absolutely excellent. He's quite a language talent...I read he also learns Spanish and Portuguese.....and I think there was yet something else. Last year in Lausanne, my friend witnessed him coming in the restaurant near the rink, where most Swiss fans were sitting, and when they were applauding and cheering, he held a little speech in perfect German and people were cheering again

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    Re: Stephane & Carolina

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    aww that is so cute that they are a couple
    I love both their skating

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