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Thread: Re: the new WSF and the USFSA

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    Re: the new WSF and the USFSA

    I would suggest that everyone read the statement on the website for the USFSA.
    I'm going to tell you that you will wonder why they are "wuzzing" (pardon my terminology) around. Of course they are saying they haven't had time to review the proposal of this new union and they will stay with the well represented ...oh whatever...I forgot. They say they will do what's best for their skaters.

    EXCUSE ME!!! If most of the founding people of this new organization were/are part of the USFSA, wouldn't that be like a HUGE hint to someone on the USFSA executive committee?

    Ok, I feel much better now. I will let them have their time since they want to focus on the Worlds. I know what they're doing. They don't fool me.....:evil:

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    Re: the new WSF and the USFSA

    The USFSA should be out in front on this instead of putzing around. I guess they don't want the American skaters kicked out of Worlds.

    For that matter, I wonder if the new organization with be an association of <em>people</em> rather than of national skating federations, so maybe the USFSA is afraid of losing its clout as an organization.

    Here's what I hope happens. Half of the eligible skaters go with the new WFS, half stay with the ISU. It will be like boxing. There will be two World Champions. Then there can be a big grudge match for unification of the crown.

    I wonder which eligible skaters will have the guts to support the new organization?


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    Read the testimonials page

    Ok, now here's something really strange.

    This is the testimonials page at the new WSF. On this page are short statements from Kristi Y., Brian Boitano, and another person. I forgot (CRS syndrome kicks in).

    BUT there is a testimonial from the First Vice President of the USFSA, some Ted person, and he is supporting the WSF. So what's with the statement on the USFSA website? Methinks that they are waiting until after Worlds. Methinks they doth protest too loud right now!:rollin:

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    Re: Read the testimonials page

    I'll bet after worlds they'll come out... but with worlds in the US and their skaters having a chance to kick butt they don't want to chance it... but with the net I doubt Speedy will be in the dark for long

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    Re: Read the testimonials page

    I agree, MBF, the USFSA will pledge support POST Worlds. Speedy's got control right now and I can see him taking it out on the skaters - and he can because of the current judging system.

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    Re: Read the testimonials page

    I also agree, to a certain extent. I suspect the USFSA wants to support the WSF, but is grinding its teeth that the WSF was unveiled at Worlds. That really put the USFSA in a no-win situation. (C. Brennan accused Howard recently of being spineless when it comes to standing up to the ISU, but that wasn't a thinly-veiled demand that the US and Japanese Federations plopped onto Speedy's desk last week.) I'm sure we'll hear more after Worlds is over.

    But even with that explanation...even still...this is so lame:

    "We believe it is important to refocus our attention on the ice, where it should be, and on the wonderful athletes who are working so hard to compete in the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships."

    This is one of those really tired and nauseating code phrases.


    "We believe we've been caught with our pants down, and we want <em>you</em> to be embarrassed instead of us, and we want you to look at something else. Therefore, we're going to accuse you in an indirect, subtle way that by bringing this topic up you're merely a troublemaker who's focusing on something unimportant. We will accomplish this by asking you to concentrate on the athletes and the skating, even though you and we both know that the entire purpose of your action was so that we <em>can</em> concentrate on the athletes and the skating, without distractions, both now and in the future.

    "Oh, yeah -- please ignore the fact that one of our (soon to be gone) Vice Presidents has offered a resounding testimonial of the WSF. We really, truly still don't know anything about this new organization at all. Also, the sky is green, pigs fly, and <em>The Lord of the Rings</em> is a quick read with just a few characters. That is all."

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    Jules Asner

    Re: Read the testimonials page

    The USFSA president should get some guts -- I think she will after worlds. I suppose for now she doesn't want to have to deal with sitting practically in Speedy's lap for the duration of worlds while vocally supporting the people who want himi out.

    I like the idea of dueling committees. If a majority of skating federations boycott the ISU events in favor of the new one's events, the IOC will take notice. But first this new governing body will have to set up such events and prove they are able to run them properly. I wish them luck and give them my support, for what its worth.

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