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Thread: Did you know...?

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    Did you know...?

    <span style="color:green;font-family:georgia;font-size:small;">... that we can't receive private emails any longer? That you have to check your INBOX on this board to receive PMs you might have received?

    When did this happen? I must have been asleep during this particular movie! If someone hadn't told me this, I would never have known that I had mail waiting for me on this board!!!</span> 8o

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    Re: Did you know...?

    It happened when 7.2 ezBoard version came out. Yeah, it sucks. I thought the old way was perfect, private messages went straight to your mailbox. But alas, no more.

    If you have ezSupporter you can receive email notifications, though.

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    RED DOG45

    Re: Did you know...?

    oh really? I didn't notice that although I saw the inbox thingy.

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    Re: Did you know...?

    The problem with the old way was that, under the right circumstances, people could get your private e-mail address through using the PM function. Not so in the present way. I'd rather have to dink around with the inbox than have my private e-mail address available.

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