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Thread: A new commentator on the scene

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    Kara Bear

    A new commentator on the scene

    Elvis Stojko has joined the CTV team of Rod Black and Tracy Wilson. But where has Debbie Wilkes gone? Anyways, I think he sounds great. Definetely adds a technical opinion to those quads.

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    Re: A new commentator on the scene

    Wonderful! Won't be the same without Debbi - maybe she will be there for pairs skating.


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    new commentator

    So far I've only seen part of the coverage that's been shown (my VCR is taping the rest as I write this), but I think he's doing an excellent job! I enjoy hearing the technical aspect to what's going on, and he doesn't babble - just says what needs to be said, plain and simple.

    I read somewhere that Elvis would be joining Rod, Tracy and Debbie, so I'm sure Debbie will be there for the pairs coverage.

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    Re: new commentator

    I really enjoyed his commentary so far except he sounds a little overly critical of Plushenko. Whatever the case is Elvis and Tracy make a great team together.

    And then you have Rod who just can't stop worshipping the ground Elvis walks on. I think by the end of Worlds Rod will have proposed to Elvis!

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    Re: new commentator

    with him only being a year out of competition I'm not sure it's a good idea to let him commentate :lol: a little rivalry could still be there

    good luck to him... but :( about Debbi... she's awesome!

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    Re: new commentator

    I loved hearing a new Canadian commentator, and I really enjoyed Elvis. However, he needs to limit the number of times he explains how rotating the upper body too quickly effects the jump. After one jog down that road, he can just say, "upper body ahead of the lower body", or however he chooses to phrase it. Though maybe I'm just being too picky because he is new to this, and I must say having someone name every jump that they comment on was just so great!
    Debbie is still commentating on pairs, BTW.


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    Kara Bear

    Re: new commentator

    I noticed thayt Elvis was quite critical of Plushie and loved Honda. He seemed to talk a lot too. BUt overall, I am very excited that he is there!! And I was realived to see Debbie doing the pairs...she so great at it!!!

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