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Thread: Shen sprained ankle

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    Shen sprained ankle

    I just read on another board that Shen of S&Z was practicing the quad throw, fell and sprained her ankle in practice.

    Something like this can keep them from winning the gold at Worlds.

    I certainly hope she will be okay.

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    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    First Plush's knee, now Xue's ankle. For both Plush and Shen&Zhao, the way they've been skating all year, IMO, they deserve World gold. I know, it's whomever skates the best that night and this is life. But S&Z have been one of the top three teams in the world since '98 and have improved phenomenally this year. This is so very unfortunate. I sure wish Xue and Hongbo the best.

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    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    Oh no not another injury:( I hope Plush's knee and Xue's ankle will be okay.

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    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    I, too, hope she heals. They are such a gorgeous couple to watch skating. I think they're the best right now, even though they came in second recently. Perhaps her ankle was already injured.


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    sk8ing lady2001

    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    I hope she is OK. I am definitely praying for her to feel better. :(

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    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    I really hope she's okay so I can keep rootin' for them to win at Worlds.

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    Re: Shen sprained ankle

    Is Plushenko injured, too? What a major disappointment!

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