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Thread: The WSF has arrived!

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    The WSF has arrived!

    Here's a link to their webpage. They have some really strong support going on. I really hope this can work for the improvement of skating as a whole.

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    Wow! And I just quoted your post on the thread Realistic started ("Please, please, please let this be true!!!"--exactly how I feel).

    I just skimmed through the info and maybe I missed something obvious, but is the WFS also both figure and speed skating or just figure skating?

    Whatever it is, the main thing is getting away from Speedy and busting up him and his gang of droogs!

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    Hi rgirl

    Isn't this the best news skating has gotten in a long time!

    The WSF will be representing figure skating only. That should be a huge relief for anyone who thinks figure skating and speed skating don't mix. I never understood how the ISU could try to fool people into thinking that a speed skater (Speedy) would have the best interests of the figure skating world at heart.

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    Did everybody notice on Mike's link that you can click on "support us" if you want to send money and "contact us" if you want to email them?


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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    Is this really true? Totally Legit? I am really surprised and delighted by this, although the one thing that would make a lil' happier is if all the skating federations told Speedy to step down from his position. But this is definitely the next best thing.

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    This is much better than just getting rid of Speedy. Another Speedy would quickly be found by Speedy's bosses in the ISU.


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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    I clicked on "Support Us" at the WSF site, and I gave. If they can stick they're necks out for our sport the way they are then we need to support them. You know the old saying "it's time to put your money where your mouth is" Well, I think it's that time NOW.


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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    This sounds great so far, I hope it all comes together. They have so many prominent skaters supporting them and that is a great asset. I also don't understand why figure skating and speed skating were paired together in a governing union, its like putting Baseball and Soccer together because they both use a ball and have grass. LOL! Anyway, I hope this will work out and maybe we can oust this terrible judging system. It makes me ill! Why in the hell would you have a super, special, secret set of marks that no one knows anything about? LOL, down with the autocratic baffoon, Vive La WSF!

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    Kara Bear

    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    CTV showed an interview with Speedy tonight. It was very short but here are the basics:

    Speedy almost laughed at the mention of zero tolerance. He said how do you decide what is zero tolerance, who makes that decision.
    He also said he would not meet with the federation, he prefers to call them a group.
    He seemed insulted that they used the worlds as a forum to promote themselves.
    More to come on TSN tomorrow...

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    What a rush of hope this gives me!
    Christine Brennan's article in particular is a great thought in the right direction. What if?


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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    Speedy really is scared that the WSF will indeed become the recognized organization for Figure Skating, and then the ISU will be SOL. Posted on another board (I forget where), someone had done some digging into Speedy's background, and the long and short of it is that he appears to be no more than a nouveau wannabe who only has his position in the ISU as his claim to fame.

    Anyone who came from practically nothing and does not assume the responsibilities that come with having something will do everything to avoid going back to having nothing. Think about it.

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    Re: The WSF has arrived!

    and not a moment too soon!

    As I stated in another thread yesterday, I'm getting so disenchanted with the outrageous judging, that after being a fan for over 40 years I've seriously considered giving up following my much beloved sport. Judges must be held accountable for their actions. This anonymous-lottery judging systems is a farce and a disgrace.

    These wonderfully talented and dedicated figureskaters deserve better.

    I'm ready to tar and feather Speedy but driving him out of town will do.


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