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Thread: Powerball Winner Whittaker's Grandaughter Found Dead

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    Powerball Winner Whittaker's Grandaughter Found Dead

    Jack Whittaker who won the largest powerball drawing ever on Christmas night of 2002 has been plagued with bad judgment over and over again since his win. This afternoon the body of his 17 year old grandaughter Brandi Bragg was found dumped outside of her boyfriends home. She had been missing since December 4. Cause of death is pending.

    In September an 18 y/o male friend of Bandi's was found dead in Whittaker's home. Whitttaker has been roobed several times once when he left $545,000.00 in a briefcase on the front seat of his SUV while he went into a strip bar. After a DUI and assaulting a police officer hes has been ordered to report to a 28 day treatment program.

    After his win he donated millions to some churches and had set up a foundation to help those who needed it.

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    I remember reading that his wife has stated that she regrets the fact that he ever won. I have a friend who won Florida Lotto (and I've never asked her how much), but her son has acted as if everything his teenage heart desires should be handed over to him. It hasn't been the easiest time for them.

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    I knew someone who won $3.5 million. EVERYONE he knew had their hands out for a donation or investment opportunity.

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    I guess if you win big you have to move right away and leave no forwarding address, get an unlisted number, and file papers to change your name.

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    I read of a girl who won a large lottery; she said every guy came out of the wordwork proposing marriage to her.

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