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    Christine Brennan Article

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    Thanks, Dee.

    Judging from past discussions I seem to be the only Christine Brennan fan on this board. I think that she is absolutely right on. Sign Michelle, Sasha and Sarah, and line up ABC television. Suddenly the WSF is the eight hundred pound gorilla and the ISU and USFSA are out in the cold. (While you're at it, also sign Ann Patrice, Jenny K and Bebe L.)


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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    Well Mathman, we can say one thing, Christine speaks her mind.


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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    I put this where it belongs, (I think) in FSW thread.
    sorry to get it wrong.

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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    Thanks for the link, Dee. I'm not a fan of Brennan's writing in general, but I like this article. Her b****y wit works well in this context; ie, loved "Il Duce Cinquanta":lol: And she did get across the essential problems of the whole situation succinctly, accurately, and understandably. Props to CB. (MM--gotta start working on the politics now if I want to nail that CB Writing Award in 2023:smokin: ).

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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    I'm not sure I'm a "fan" of Brennan, but I really like her views, and largely I like her writing style. I especially like the fact that she has not let up on the issue of reform in the sport of figure skating -- she just keeps pounding and pounding, refusing to let the issue go away quietly, and doing so from the pulpit that is <em>USA Today</em>. Not a bad gig.

    But...I've lost count of the number of times I've picked up any of her skating books in the store, thumbed through them, tried to find them interesting, and put them down again. For all the rich material she had at her command, her books just seem like snoozeville to me. So, no money spent there.

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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    I liked Brennan's book The Edge of Glory a lot. I think that her first book was an expose of the seemy side of tennis. Then she wrote a similar book about skating, The Inside Edge: A Revealing Journey into the Secret World of Figure Skating (Oooooo.) It revealed such secrets as the fact that many male figure skaters are gay, but no one talks about it much.

    But in the Edge of Glory I thought that she broke out of the investigative reporter mode and wrote a book that was quite interesting as well as having an emotional and human interest side. This book was a chronical of Michelle Kwan's 1997-98 season, her travails and triumphs on and off the ice, all culminating in a glorious literary climax and a happy ending for one and all (except Tara, of course -- every epic novel requires a sacrificial lamb) -- a glorious climax as Michelle swept to victory at the Nagano Olympic Games.


    Then she had to scramble to rewrite the ending. There goes that Pulitzer Prize. I wonder if CB ever forgave MK for that? :lol:

    Her 2002 book, Champions on Ice, is more of a pretty picture book and a stroll down memory lane.


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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    Well that is Christine's Brennans' opinion. Figure skating is not dependent on tv or any one skater (American or other) to survive as a sport. It was around long before Michelle, Sarah and Sasha were even thought of. As long as people love the sport and love to put on their skates and go down to the rink for skating lessons - it will survive - at least here in Canada. I find Brennans' knowledge of figure skating is about equal to my knowledge of Hockey. I know where the puck is supposed to go and am familar with the term "high sticking." To me she is more of a gossip writer than a sports writer. I read one of her books. Read like a soap opera about figure skating.


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    Re: Christine Brennan Article

    Ladskater, I'm with you on this.

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