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Thread: Columbus SOI Review

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    Columbus SOI Review

    Shorter, a bit splattier show, and definitely funnier than the Cincy review are just a few ways on how to describe my report from the Columbus SOI show today! Enjoy!

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    Re: Columbus SOI Review

    :rollin: :rollin: :rollin:

    Thanks so much for the great report. John Z and "that girl," :lol:

    So, are you just following the show all over Ohio? Are they going to Toledo next week? :lol:


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    Re: Columbus SOI Review

    LOL, no I am not following SOI around Ohio (this was the last Ohio stop anyway....I wish it wasn't though as I had to wait so long for these two shows! LOL :lol: ) although I am definitely attending more than one show next year too. :rollin: I have all ready mailed my form for on ice seats for the Cincy show and we had such a fun time in Columbus that I may do that for that show next year too. :D There is really too much action to catch just in one viewing so you need to see at least two shows to really see all the skating! (LOL, watch me talk myself into about four shows next year....this is what Jamie & Dave and Todd all do to me! LOL :rollin: ) And John was just all around hot....BOTH times I saw him!

    BTW-I am HOPING my pics from the Columbus show turn out better than my Cincy pics. I got those back today. They were mostly rotten which kinda sucked! Oh well. :( :x <img src= ALT=":o"> <img src= ALT=" >D"> <img src= ALT=":\">

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